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Kristen Bell Shut Down A Hater Who Accused Her Of 'Exploiting' A Child Actor

Every parent has different rules when it comes to how they handle social media and their children.

Some parents love posting every cute pic and milestone, while others prefer to keep all photos of their children private.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard fall in the latter category. They are very protective of their daughters' identities and never share their images on social media.

When one Instagram user criticized Kristen over her rules, Kristen replied with a thoughful response that made a lot of sense.

These are my marriage and couple idols, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard.

I honestly feel like I could be good friends with them. We could all bring our kids to the playground on Saturday mornings and share scones while our kids play together. Sigh. Maybe one day.

Kristen is also one of the most relatable celeb moms out there right now.

I mean, how many celebrities post pics of their children's "makeovers" on Instagram? Kristen is rocking this top knot-braid combo, though!

Kristen and Dax are also famously protective when it comes to their kids.

The couple has two daughters: Lincoln, who is five, and Delta, who is four.

Whenever Dax or Kristen share photos of the girls on social media, they always ensure that their faces are cropped or blurred out.

Kristen has also shared photos like this which shows one of her daughter's hands.

Basically, they try and keep their daughters out of the spotlight as much as possible out of respect for their privacy. As parents, that's their decision and one I totally understand.

Recently, Kristen and Dax launched a baby line for Walmart called Hello Bello.

Hello Bello features all-natural baby products at an affordable price. Kristen has said that everything in the line is stuff they use at home, but they wanted other parents to be able to afford these products, too.

To promote the line, Kristen posted this cute commercial to her Instagram account.

Honestly, this commercial is too funny. It might be the best one I have seen in ages.

Even though the commercial is seemingly uncontroversial, one Instagram user took to the comments section to criticize it.

The user known as @kateshawismyname accused Kristen of "exploiting other people's children for monetary gain."

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The user was referring to the commercial's use of a child actor, who is clearly not Kristen and Dax's actual daughter. The user also referenced Kristen and Dax's commitment to their own daughters' privacy.

In usual fashion, Kristen's response was respectful and informative.

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As Kristen explained, one of the main reasons she doesn't share photos of her daughters was out of concern for their safety and because of potential stalkers.

Since many celebrities have had terrifying stalker experiences, it totally makes sense why Kristen and Dax want to keep their girls protected as much as possible.

Other users also chimed in and pointed out that there's a big difference between using a child actor and posting personal photos.

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There are very strict laws in place when it comes to the rights of child actors, and of course, their parents need to consent.

I know parents who aren't celebrities who don't post photos of their children on social media because of privacy or safety concerns. Really, it's every parent's personal choice.

Anyways, Kristen handled this whole situation like a pro.

I'm glad that she took the time to explain her side of the situation.

I learned a lot about where she was coming from, and I can imagine it's really stressful being a celebrity with young children and worrying about their safety.