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Video Shows Family Going Through 8-Year-Old's Hilarious Tablet Search History

As many of us reached a certain age, we became very aware that our browsers keep a history of what we've been searching and what sites we've visited.

Some of us were unfortunate enough to find out the hard way when our parents showed us what they found with a disappointed look on their faces. The rest of us, however, were warned to manage that history carefully by those who already had that awkward talk.

Still, it's unlikely that many of us had this experience when we were eight-years-old, but as the full video shows, that isn't the case for one British boy.

Whether it was out of concern or just curiosity, Ashleigh Wilson of Blackpool, England and her dad decided to take a look at her 8-year-old brother's search history.

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And the longer they looked through it, the happier they likely were about their decision to record the whole thing.

Interestingly, a couple of his searches had to do with lucid dreams.

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However, one of them was also "lucid dreams lyrics" so it seems he actually meant the song by Juice WRLD.

Still, the one right after that was "lucid meaning," so there's a chance that he's discovered a cool new hobby and is trying to control his dreams.

Speaking of music, he also seemed to have a preoccupation with how various artists died.


This seemed to begin when he heard the news about rapper XXXTentacion, but his curiosity then drew him to the final moments of Michael Jackson, Elvis, and others.

As you might expect from a young boy nowadays, he also seemed interested in Fortnite.

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He also made a few visits to the Ubisoft Club website and based on their library of games, that probably means that he has as much regard for the age ratings on video games as I did as a kid.

One of the oddest searches the kid made was simply the word "arson."

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His family just let that one pass without comment, but to be fair, it would be a lot more worrying if he wrote something like "how to get away with arson" or "sick arson tips and tricks."

The one that weirded his family out the most, however, simply read "bbq sauce on titties."

I know, but it's not as shocking as it sounds. This term basically just leads to the Vine preserved below, which is based on a line from Orange Is The New Black.

Although those are some highlights from their discoveries, it really works best if you see their video for yourself.

Besides,there's a chance you might recognize something in there that neither his sister or his dad have heard of.

And in case anyone was wondering about his cracked screen, the boy's sister has an explanation for that as well.

It's hard to tell whether it was the iPad or the Xbox that made him mad in this situation, but I'd be lying if I said I haven't felt the same way about either piece of tech.

I was just more verbal about it.

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