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Pete Davidson Kicks Out Heckler Who Made A Mac Miller Joke During His Comedy Show

Since his breakup with Ariana Grande, and all the drama that followed, Pete Davidson has been making some serious strides getting back into the swing of things.

Like most people do after a major breakup, he's been focusing on his work, and so far, so good. He's been performing stand-up comedy at clubs all over the US.

But at his recent show, things got a little bit out of hand, according to TMZ.

At his latest show in New Jersey, things took a very ugly and unexpected turn.

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Pete began to tell a story about a friend of his who died in his apartment.

Before he could even finish telling his story and make it to the punchline an audience member took it upon themselves to beat him to it.

"Mac Miller!" the person yelled out.

Everyone else in the audience was probably like:

Bad call, man. Bad call.

Too soon.

I would definitely not want to be the person sitting next to them in the audience.

For those of you who aren't up to speed with what the audience member was referencing:

Mac Miller passed away this past September of an accidental drug overdose.

At the time of his death, Pete Davidson was engaged to Mac's ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grande.

Mac and Ariana were together for more than two years, and had been friends before that for more than five years.

So the news of Mac's death was a devastating thing for her to find out.

Weeks later, Ariana and Pete announced that their engagement was called off.

Although it was never confirmed, we could safely assume that Ariana was grieving her recent loss, and it was straining their relationship, causing them to eventually split.

And while Pete and Ariana seemed to have a ton of animosity between them ever since, Pete could still recognize that the person who shouted from the audience was way out of line.

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He knew that Mac Miller's death wasn't something to be joked about, and wouldn't be tolerated at his show.

"Oh, Jesus Christ," said Pete. "Who's that guy? We're getting him out. Point out the guy who's a [expletive] face." Pete said.

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A fog of awkward silence filled the room, as you can probably imagine.

The entire room:

I cannot imagine the level of embarrassment that person was feeling at that moment. Which they should — what they did was very uncool.

But Pete refused to continue his set until the audience member stepped forward and identified themselves.

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I feel deep secondhand embarrassment for whoever this person is right now.

"I'll wait. I will wait. I will not continue until that kid's gone,"

"I'll leave, so if you want the show to continue, call out the person who did it." he continued.

Even though Pete was angered by the person's comment, he still made sure that they got refunded for their ticket to the show.

"Give him his money back and get him the [expletive] out," he said.

"I don't deal with that [expletive] at my shows."

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"I hope you're proud of yourself, you just [expletive] [expletive] up everything," he said, as the perpetrator was being removed from the premises.

Pete definitely made the right call.

That type of behavior should never be tolerated.

I'm sure the level of shame that person was feeling as they got escorted out of the building taught them a lesson on what's acceptable to shout out at a comedy show, and what's not.

Let this be a lesson to all of you!

Pete Davidson might tell a few distasteful jokes from time to time.

But there is a fine line between what's okay, and what's not.