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Katy Perry Revealed How Orlando Bloom Proposed And It Was Full Of Romantic Mishaps

If you haven't heard the news yet, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom got engaged this past Valentine's Day. At first all we got was a photo on Instagram of each of their eyeballs and the engagement ring without any real context.

But now, thanks to a very hungover Katy Perry on Jimmy Kimmel Live, we have all the deets on how Orlando popped the question!

I'll give you a hint: It involves a helicopter.

Act one of Katy and Orlando's relationship was a bit bumpy.

They were very on-again off-again, there was accusations shot at Orlando for cheating on Katy with Selena Gomez (check out Katy's response above!), and after they broke up the last time, we thought we might've seen the last of the couple.

Side note: Let's just take a moment to remember that one time Orlando and Katy went paddle boarding together, and he got completely naked for no reason at all.

It was very random.

They later explained that it was meant to be a joke, and while I was definitely amused, I didn't exactly get the joke?

They eventually worked out their differences and got back together.

They seemed to be going strong, and now, given their recent engagement, we have the proof!

These two are in it for the long haul, and we couldn't be happier for them.

Last night, Katy was a guest on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and she spilt the beans on how Orlando proposed to her.

YouTube | Jimmy Kimmel Live

Although he did it on Valentine's Day, it was anything but cliché. Let's just say, she had the best V-Day on the planet, and every girl should be green with envy.

First she told us the line she used on Orlando the night they met.


Apparently he stole an In-And-Out burger off of her plate. But once she saw how hot he was, she decided to let it slide.

But later that night when she ran into him again she used this line on him, and the rest is history.

See, ladies. There is hope for the rest of us.

Up until now, how Orlando proposed was left to our imaginations.

I definitely had a few theories! But Katy gave Jimmy Kimmel the complete play-by-play, and it's so good.

It wasn't all smooth sailing though!

"We went to dinner and I thought we were gonna go see some art after but we pulled up to a helicopter," Katy said.

"We had champagne in the helicopter and the [ring] box was in his pocket." she continued.

So far, everything was going according to the plan. Until...

Orlando pulled a note out of his pocket with everything he wanted to say on it, trying to distract her while he took the ring out of his pocket.

But the ring box was too big!

"He's pulling out this box that's too big for his coat pocket, and it rips his coat pocket and his elbow goes into the champagne."

I guess size really does matter.

His elbow flew into the bottle of champagne, knocking it over, shattering the bottle, and leaving a puddle of booze on the floor of the helicopter.


Smooth move, Orlando.

But you know what they say, no need to cry over spilt milk. Or in this case, (what was probably a very expensive bottle of) champagne.

YouTube | Jimmy Kimmel Live

There was still time for Orlando to turn the night around!

Now that he had finally managed to get the giant ring box out of his coat pocket, he was able to pop it open and propose.

YouTube | Jimmy Kimmel Live

Katy had been dropping casual suggestions of ring styles that she would like for a while, and it looks like Orlando was taking notes.

The ring was exactly what she wanted!

I couldn't imagine a ring more suiting for her. It definitely screams Katy, 'cause it's big, bold, and far from basic—just like her career.

Now I'm going to tell you how much the ring cost. Just thought I'd give you a warning, because after I found out, it left me in existential crisis.

It was $5 million.

Here I was, browsing for my dream engagement ring, sitting at around maybe $10000.

This really burst my bubble.

Anyways, Katy said yes. We know that.

But here's the best part:

The helicopter lands on a Los Angeles rooftop where all of their friends and family await, ready to celebrate their engagement.

Hopefully Katy and Orlando live happily ever after, because that was too great of an engagement story to ever be tainted by divorce.

Good luck to the happy couple!

Here's the video: