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Kendall Jenner's Stunning Oscars Party Dress Will Make You Forget About Khloé Being Cheated On

All anyone (me) can talk about these days is slime bag Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloé Kardashian with her sister Kylie's (now) ex-best friend, Jordyn Woods.

But you know who's about DONE with the attention being off them? Kendall Jenner.

Sure, she could have done without the spotlight after that Pepsi commercial, or when she tried to convince everyone she used Proactive to clear up her multi-million dollar skin.

But now? Absolutely not. Kendall is done being ignored and she wants the attention back on her.

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Do I blame her? Hells nah.

That would literally be me too if I was KENDALL MF'ing JENNER.

So at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party this past Sunday, Kendall made sure to make headlines in this jaw-dropping Rami Kadi dress.

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Hey leg slit, nice to meet ya.

I'm super obsessed with the hair and makeup glam. The big, bouncy hair and smokey eye is what dreams are made of.

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Kendall's makeup artist Mary Philips THANKFULLY shared the products she used on her Instagram.

Kendall also rocked the red carpet and took time to pose with Caitlin Jenner.

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Both ladies were just sparkling and shining in front of the cameras!

This dress stands as the ultimate homage to double sided garment tape.

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That tape is holding on TIGHT to girlfriend's pelvic bone.

And not to say this look should make us short lil' ladies feel bad about ourselves — but damn!

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I'm all torso, no legs. A world where a dress like this fits me doesn't exist!

Anyone that has something negative to say about this look is just straight up jealous.

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Sis looks absolutely perfect!