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32 Pics That Scream 'Just Fire Me'

Most people will go through a bunch of jobs over the course of their career. There's good reason for this: the days of awesome, graduation-to-retirement jobs are pretty much over, and modern jobs...kinda suck.

We all have to work for "the man" — or woman. Feel a little better about it by looking at these workers who dared to rebel.

1. MRI machine, deconstructed.

Reddit | ApostOnReddit

It's definitely not supposed to look like that. But how expensive can medical equipment really be?

*checks Google*

Well, if whoever did this sells their house, they might be able to pay for the damage.

2. "No smoking" is just a suggestion, right?

Reddit | Mabepossibly

When you need that nicotine fix, nothing — not even a gigantic tank of highly-flammable gas 18 inches from your face — will get in your way.

3. That stealth edit is on point.

Reddit | yeerk_slayer

I've never worked somewhere with a polar bear threat, but it's good to know that you don't need to be fast — you just need to be faster than somebody else.

4. Hope he's got good balance.

Reddit | ta2kev

There's something to know about messing around with electricity when you're standing in water. But this guy's too focused on the task at hand to look it up right now.

5. Somebody's gotta drill that drywall.

Reddit | mfiore06

I'm not sure exactly what this guy's doing, or how hard he's about to fail. I'm mostly just impressed by his pose, which is straight out of an '80s action movie.

6. When the ladder isn't quite tall enough.

Reddit | jonahgw

This pic has everything: workplace improvisation, yoga poses, plumber's butt and impending disaster. That house isn't going to build itself, so these guys found a way.

7. Oh, the humanity.

Reddit | PolyhedralZydeco

Before the Hindenburg disaster, there must have been a series of smaller disasters considering the rickety, barely-supported ladders they used in its construction. Efficient? Sure. Safe? We'll get back to you on that.

8. The things nobody tells you about getting a pool installed, amirite?

Reddit | esperanzablanca

There's so much mud and concrete, all the diggers, and oh, maybe a crane embedded in your house, if you're lucky.

9. Surprise!

Reddit | Kartoffel1891

Listen, placer of orange cones: with great power comes great responsibility. If the pothole is big enough to totally obscure that cone, maybe place it beside the hole, rather than in it.

10. It's called a "crusher": What could go wrong?

Reddit | theLPguy

I've got sweaty palms just looking at this. Good thing there's a tattered sign saying no one under the age of 18 can operate it. Safety first.

11. Plywood: Is there anything it can't do?

Reddit | Dalexes

It makes a great impromptu shelter, so why not stress-test it and see if it can hold up just a couple of tons of construction equipment?

12. Maybe the tech guys feel like they're not paid enough.

Reddit | zek0ne

On the other hand, if this is the quality of work they're doing day in and day out, they're definitely paid too much.

13. It heats, doesn't it?

Reddit | BagelMerchant

Sure, you might be able to identify about a dozen ways this is unsafe, but those are all just details. To the person that set this up, the end justifies the means.

14. They wouldn't call them safety straps if they didn't keep you safe, right?

Reddit | CaulkusAurelis

It's nice that this guy has confidence in his coworkers. That confidence might be a little misguided, though.

15. Practice what you preach.

Reddit | jaykirsch

Sometimes, in order to spread a positive message, it's necessary to totally defy that message to ensure that it can be seen. This man is the hero that none of us want to be.

16. There's (usually) a back hatch for a reason.

Reddit | valismasher

I'm not a physicist, but something tells me that the combination of forward momentum, stop-and-go traffic, and a backless truck full of garbage will not end well.

17. Many hands make light work.

Reddit | shakhaki

From an early age, we're taught the importance of teamwork. These workers have clearly not forgotten that lesson, even if they've forgotten every safety regulation in the book.

18. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Reddit | SEILogistics

And unless that's Optimus Prime getting a thorough sponge bath — and I'm pretty sure it's not — this kind of cleanliness can help you meet God!

19. Speaking of insanity in the name of cleanliness, raise your hand when you see the window washer.

Reddit | tannedstamina

Not you, window washer, you need every hand you have to hang on for dear life.

20. These guys earn an A for creativity.

Reddit | mvyrmnd

You have to admit, it takes some special thinking to come up with this assortment of ladders and planks. Wonder what grade the safety inspector would give them.

21. Now that's efficient workplace danger.

Reddit | worstpe

With a single staircase, somebody has managed to block off the fire exit, the fire extinguisher, and the fire alarm. Kind of amazing when you think about it.

22. Did anybody lose their crate of explosives?

Reddit | tubacycle

No, they clearly know right where they left them. See? There's a sticky note saying "Do not touch" on it. Who would tamper with that?

23. Well, if nothing else, this guy will only fall once.

Reddit | irishpwr

Kinda makes your palms sweat, the way he's perched over a gaping hole, doesn't it? Not sure I'd feel any better if there was someone at the bottom holding the ladder.

24. Let's go the other way for a moment...

The Edible Bus Stop | The Edible Bus Stop

This? This actually took some effort. This person isn't over their job. This person is so into their job that it makes me a little bit sick.

25. Not about how you do the job if it gets done.

Reddit | FNA25

It's not like she's your Uber driver or anything. As long as the pie gets to your door there'll be no issues.

26. Who doesn't want a light switch in their shower?

Imgur | Imgur

Is this a new trend that will catch on in homes? Honestly, I hope not. This is a one-way ticket to the ER.

27. Either some kid can't use a label maker or they are color blind AF.

Reddit | Drbilbo

Do you see white asparagus with blue bands, or green asparagus with blue bands?

28. If you feed chickens jalapenos, this will probably be the result.


Sorry Popeyes, I'm really not feeling your special this week, even if it is only $2.99.

29. How to not make a sandwich 101.

Reddit | kbdfly

Step one is TWO pieces of bread, and that's the easiest step.

30. Buns out guns out.


See what I did there? But seriously, what's this guy up to? Did he break a sweat assembling that foot-long or something?

31. This might be good for multitasking.

Reddit | JacoboBlandonPineda

You know, when you need to dry your hands and plug in your phone to charge? Is it just me or is that outlet way too close for comfort?

32. They told him to write something on the sign, so he did just that.

Reddit | tigr87

To be fair, does anyone really pay attention to those signs anyways?

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