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Ariana Grande's Latest Instagram Photo Has Her Fans Saying She's 'In Trouble'

Ariana is a busy gorl, okay? It's been a year for our girl and it's only February, which is tbh, very relatable. But you know what helps during these troubling times? Maintaining a gorgeous skincare routine.

Ariana is known for her signature winged eyeliner and gorgeous false lashes.

I'm not gonna bring up her ponytail cause y'all already know that's like her religion.

So when Ari posted a Snapchat showing some smudged eyeliner from the night before, fans literally flipped OUT.

But in her defence, eye makeup is the hardest part to remove for everyone, even us plebs!

People immediately called the beauty police, and by beauty police I mean Twitter user @emoblackthot.

Ari was like ha ha guys, it's fine.

Fans were absolutely not having it, though.

Ari stan @emoblackthot joked that since they forgot to "remind y'all about your skincare ONE night and not only do YOU ALL fail me bit ARIANA GRANDE HERSELF LEAVES HER EYE MAKEUP ON..."

While some followers made jokes about their pores (rude, tbh) others were determined to get to the bottom of Ari's skincare regime.

I'm cackling at the idea of my huge, clogged pores paying my bills.

Twitter was gagging at the tweet, but the ultimate reply came from Ari herself.

Ariana defended herself by stating she exfoliated and did a LA MER MASK.

Looks like someone wants us to know she still cares about her skin.

La Mer is one of the most luxurious brands us commoners can get our hands on.

I wish I had hundreds to spend on FIVE face masks.

Sis went on to give us a rundown of her DRUGSTORE makeup routine.

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I admire a celebrity that recognizes you don't need ALWAYS need the most expensive stuff, you just need stuff that WERQS!

Okay wow sis is really is clearing out her local CVS.

But makeup wipes are so bad for mama earth Ari no :(

But some people weren't having this routine from Ari, either!

Twitter | @slowslumbers

First of all, coconut oil is amazing to remove makeup, don't @ me. People can't ever be happy SMH.

But guys, don't call the beauty police, okay? Our girl PROMISED it won't happen again!

Life is hard enough, okay? Take the five minutes to remove your face at the end of the day or you might be DRAGGED publicly by strangers on Twitter, lol.

A few days later, @emoblackthot checked in with Ms.Grande to see if she had withheld her promise.

Fingers crossed, we believe in you honey!

SHE DID! Yas queen! I always believed in you.

Can't wait to sleep with a clean face and high spirits tonight!