Literally Just 20+ Funny AF Tweets About Netflix's 'The Umbrella Academy'

Netflix's The Umbrella Academy is generating some serious buzz all of a sudden.

If you haven't seen it yet, it's basically just a show about how 43 babies were inexplicably conceived and born in 24 hours by women that they had absolutely no connection to whatsoever. Then a mean, a rich, old guy buys seven of them off of the women, and raises them as his own.

I'm sure you've already predicted this, but they all have superpowers.

Anyway, the show is crazily addictive, but way too easy to make fun of. So let's get to it!

Full disclosure: I have only seen the first few episodes.

So don't worry, there won't be any spoilers.

Unless you haven't seen the show at all. In that case, this entire article is a spoiler. Sorry?

This is really how the pregnant women in the show are going to tell the story.

Am I the only one who is still feeling bad for these poor random women that gave birth to a mutant child out of nowhere?

So, the rich old guy who adopted the kids doesn't even name them. He numbers them.

Kinda like how in Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown's character's name is 11.

Coincidence? Probably not.

Seriously, why does number one look like he's been inflated, or wearing 17 layers on his upper half?

I guess his super power is just being jacked AF?

Not that I'm complaining.

If I could time travel into the future, I'd want to stay there anyway.

Once you've seen what the future holds, what's the point in going back. It would ruin the very thing that makes life enjoyable, which is not ever knowing what's going to happen next.

Poor Vanya.

Twitter | @wrongumacademy

After an entire life of feeling excluded by her siblings because she was the only one that didn't have a cool superpower, she decides to write a book about it, and her family excludes her even more.

Give the girl a break, jeez!

I'm guessing she's going to end up having the best power out of all of them, and then they'll all want back in her good graces.

Don't call yourselves brother and sister if you're actually trying to have sexual relations, because that immediately becomes weird.

I get that they aren't technically related biologically. But they are all still siblings, so it's technically still pretty gross.

Klaus really is in his own little world all the time. I love it.

I mean, he's on drugs all the time so it's not that surprising. But it's still hilarious.

I am screaming. This is too accurate.

This has been my favorite video on the internet for the past six years, and I am so glad that it's being brought up right now in correlation with The Umbrella Academy.

My day is made.

If everyone could please stop fighting for two seconds and listen to Five, that would be great.

He's seen how the world ends, guys. Pay attention.

Vanya deserved better!

They are so mean to her and it breaks my heart. If you mess with Juno, you're messing with me too.

I'm taking this very personally.

This is literally Luther at all times.

This one really had me laughing though.

Am I the only one who finds him annoying AF? His presence just gets under my skin, and I can't explain it.

Maybe it's the fact that he looks angry all the time, won't stop talking about the moon, and likes to make out with his own sister.

Diego and his little knife are so essential to the show.

This is Diego every time Luther breathes, and to be honest... same.

Sorry, not sorry!

Everything Klaus does is funny.

He doesn't even need to be trying, he is just naturally hilarious.

Okay, I actually just burst out laughing. This is way too accurate.

Siblings fights are always the most extreme, irrational, and funny. They pretty much look for reasons to hate each other.

Diego and Klaus on the other hand, get along much better.

It's really refreshing to see Diego not trying to physically attack someone. Baby steps.

Luther and Allison need to stop.

There shouldn't be any sexual chemistry between these two, period. They grew up as siblings.

It's sick and twisted. I can't deal.

My thoughts exactly.

I actually want to rip my TV off the wall and throw it out the window every time they so much as look at each other.

My mood instantly changes whenever Luther starts talking about his trip to the moon.

I've never felt so irritated by a fictional character in my life. It's becoming a real problem.

I would really love to be friends with Klaus' last three braincells. They seem like they'd be a good time.

They're pretty similar to my last three braincells at 2am when I intended to be sleeping by 9pm.

This is really what he looks like.

Luther keeps bringing up his trip to the moon, and I need to know why, 'cause if he brings it up one more time without clarifying the context, I'm going to lose it.

They are all way too nonchalant about the world ending.

Are they in denial? Do they just not care? Are they just complacent?

I need answers, and I need them now.

If I woke up one morning feeling totally normal, and by the end of the day had given bird to a mutant child that wasn't actually mine, I would be the same.

Like, someone please take this child off my hands and give me money instead. Thank you.

I haven't gotten this far into the show yet, but I already know this is how it is going to be. SOS.

I am not ready for the emotional breakdown that I know I'm going to have when I finish season one.