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People Show Support For Student Who Had Epic Comeback For Man's Racist Tweet

There is no shortage of drama going down on Twitter these days. On a daily basis, we hear about a celebrity who is settling some beef or politicians stirring up controversy.

So when people aren't using Twitter as a vehicle for their cleverness, they're using it to air out their disputes.

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Often, those disputes devolve into name-calling and general toxicity, which isn't helping anyone.

The opposite can happen, though, and a huge group of people can get behind a good cause and let their voices be heard on a massive scale.

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Fortunately, that was what happened in the case of one student and model.

Meet Mimi Mbah from Cameroon. Her story has caused quite the stir online. 

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Mimi has modeled and is known for taking striking shots like this. At the time this story broke, she studied law at Montgomery College. Let's just say that Mimi has a lot going on.

Mimi posts quite regularly on Instagram and Twitter, but one day she noticed a comment on one of her pictures that seemed over the line.

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According to Seventeen, they apparently saw her photos reposted on a Twitter page called "@AFRICANS", which is "dedicated to all the beautiful Africans world wide."

Of course, Mimi wasn't about to take that kind of offensive language. 

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In an interview with the Daily Mail, Mimi said, "Reading the comments I definitely felt disappointed to see that there are still people out there that shame others for the darkness of their skin, but it didn't surprise me because I've heard comments like those before."

She may have heard comments like these in the past but that wasn't going to stop her from responding to this troll.

Here's the powerful comeback reply Mimi had for @lybonv2.

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As she told Seventeen "Back in middle school and high school, being darker was never a good thing. People would say, 'You're beautiful for a dark-skinned girl,' but no one saw dark skin as pretty. It definitely hurt."

Fortunately, the Twitter world came to Mimi's defense and it was pretty inspiring...

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It was also cool to see this man make the effort to ensure that he wasn't giving Mimi the impression he was doing her some big favor by telling her this.

The support just kept coming, too. 

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All told, her response to this comment about her skin color netted her 491 supportive comments, as well as over 55,000 likes and over 20,000 retweets.

And Twitter users weren't the only ones who took notice.

Mimi's story has gone viral and she has been posting screen shots of her story being shared around the internet. 

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On this Instagram post, she wrote "Wow I'm overwhelmed! God is good."

It's good to know that letting them know as she did can pay off sometimes.

But she didn't hit back at her hater just because she herself was attacked.

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"I wanted to stand up not only for me, but for anybody who has felt or [feels] less than due to the ignorance of others," she told The Daily Mail

It seems that if there's one takeaway she wants us to have from this story, it's what she went on to say.

As she put it, "Overall I want all my dark skin girls to know that we are chocolate goddesses no matter what anyone says."

h/t: The Daily Mail