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These Colorful Froot Loops Mini Donuts Are Coming Back To Carl's Jr.

It can cut us on a surprisingly deep level when something we really like gets discontinued. People who ever get a craving for McDonald's pizza know this struggle well, but in my case, part of me will always pine for a charbroiled chicken sandwich I used to get at a chain in my area.

While it doesn't give us the sense of loss that this phenomenon can cause, there's something a little frustrating about special, limited time promotions too. Someone comes up with this product that everyone wants and then hides it away for months while we salivate.

So that's why anyone who missed one particular sweet treat should be aware that it's coming back before it's too late.

Five months ago, Carl's Jr. (or Hardee's depending on your location) released a simple commercial showing off something interested.

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In an effort to apparently "flip the script on cereal," they came out with mini donuts that looked as bright and colorful as Froot Loops.

However, if you missed them the first time, there was a pretty good reason for that.

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According to Insider, they sold out very quickly, leaving the rest of us to satisfy our sweet tooth with just the cereal.

Toucan Sam's nice and all, but he doesn't compare to enjoying something in donut form.

But it seems that the chain is giving us another chance to try these special mini donuts.

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A pack of five will start selling for about two bucks at participating locations starting the week of February 25th.

Since they probably expect them to sell out quickly again, they've also made it clear that the donuts are only available while supplies last.

Of course, the big question is how these donuts actually taste.

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True to their form, and as both Daily Meal editor Carolyn Menyes and trusted YouTube food reviewer TheReportOfTheWeek can attest, they taste almost exactly like Froot Loops.

As the latter put it, "I know a lot of you were thinking that they might taste like pepperoni pizza slices...but they don't." He's a character, that one.

Of course, this likely means that, much like actual Froot Loops, the differently colored donuts have exactly the same taste.

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Do a blindfolded taste test sometime with the cereal and see for yourself, but it's true. Pretty wild to think about, huh?

So if these sound like something you want to try, getting them as fast as possible is probably a good idea.

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After all, the last thing anyone wants is to find out that they were all bought up by someone who then tries to resell them for $56 a pop like the last time the mini donuts hit stores.

h/t: Insider