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Woman Uses Her Own Vaginal Fluid As Perfume In Seduction Experiment

Even though we know that inspiration can strike in the strangest ways, it's still sometimes difficult to understand where people got their ideas.

Many have said that their big "eureka" moments came to them in dreams, but some ideas can almost seem a little too wild for the dream world.

And yet, it's these ones that we're the most likely to remember after we finish our showers.

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And in one writer's case, a particularly strange one survived in somebody's memory long enough to tell her about it and even recommend that she turn it into an experiment.

In P.S. I Love You, her blog on Medium, Rachel Khona said she's starting to feel like "the Mr. Wizard of vags."

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Yet, even someone as apparently accustomed to vaginal experiments as her had to pause when someone suggested she try vaginal perfume to see what effect it had on men.

This meant mixing her vaginal fluid with perfume, which she said was not unheard of during the Middle ages.

As she wrote, "My first thought was WTF, my second EW, my third LOL, and my last one OMG. So of course, I said yes."

To fulfill her curiosity, she decided to add a twist to this bizarre proposal.

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Although she was told to mix it with existing perfume, she thought of wearing her vaginal fluid alone first as a control, and mixing it with her favorite perfume, Thierry Mugler’s Angel, afterward.

For the first two days, she just used the vaginal fluid and the results were...inconclusive.

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The cashier at the grocery store smiled and introduced himself to her and a man at Starbucks held open the door for her before she was anywhere near it, but one had seen her before and the other was too far away to smell her.

She also tried this when she went out with a male friend, who repeatedly brushed against her.

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However, she said, "He had always been flirty and my tatas were looking pretty bomb so I couldn’t chalk it up solely to my special sauce."

Next up was the combination of her perfume and her "special sauce," which was perhaps slightly encouraging.

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Her boyfriend had told her that she smelled really good, but she had also worn the perfume around him before to a similar reception.

Unfortunately, something occurred on day four that made her put the experiment on hold for a couple of days.

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She woke up with the irresistible urge to scratch her neck and a red, blotchy rash. She wondered if this was because of her experiment and visited a dermatologist.

However, that doctor said it was highly unlikely that vaginal fluid could cause a rash — which is good to know, I suppose.

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It was likely an allergic reaction to the nickel in her new necklace. She would later discover that her scarf was actually the culprit.

With that out of the way, the experiment was back on.

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Over the next few days, she meet some men who offered to buy her drinks. However, some of these encounters occurred around St. Patrick's Day and her non-vaginal fluid wearing friends had similar experiences that day.

So far, Khona's results aren't out of step with what a gynecologist said when asked about the idea.

Speaking to, Dr. Christine Greves of the Orlando Health System said that while pheromones have been studied for visual and sexual attraction, the same can't be said for vaginal fluids.

That fact, coupled with possible sanitary concerns, led her to say that she wouldn't ever recommend vaginal fluid perfume.

That said, she also told the website, "I can't say it's horrible to do either. To each his own!" That's one very chill OB/GYN.

Based on Khona's conclusions, however, this doesn't seem like something she plans to make "her own."

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Any time she went out with her friends, she seemed to get about the same level of attention as they did.

This lead her to say, "In the words of Joe Biden, vaginal perfume is nothing but 'malarkey'."

Instagram | @rachelkhona

"If swarms of men had fallen at my feet, I would have felt differently. "

Oh well, you never know until you try, I suppose.

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