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89-Year-Old Man Protesting Care Home After Being 'Banned' From Seeing His Wife

The strange thing about aging is how our attitudes change toward it as we grow up. Remember when you were a kid and you couldn't wait to get older so you could do whatever you wanted to? And then when you finally got older you wished you were young again so you don't have to pay bills or worry about retirement planning or mortgages or any of that?

Beyond that, it starts to get a bit scary, doesn't it? At one point you're a grown-up, an adult fully in charge of your life. And then at some point you're just old and vulnerable, clinging to everything familiar that you can. It's no wonder this guy is fighting so hard for his wife.

Visitors to Britain's Anchorage Care Home were greeted by an unusual and unfortunate sight: Dennis Daniels, an 89-year-old man, protesting the home.

Grimsby Live | Jon Corken

He sits out front in his wheelchair, under a blanket, holding up a sign he's made that reads "They Will Not Let Me Visit My Wife."

He says that he's been banned from the facility after being too loud and disruptive during his last visit.

Dennis says that things have been simmering with the home, which specializes in dementia care, for a few months.

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The primary factor has been the behavior of another resident, an issue that came up during his last visit.

Dennis says that the other resident started banging on his wife's door and shouting at her, and he tried to flag down help from staff, but nobody came for "quite a few minutes," according to Grimsby Live.

In fact, Dennis's attempts to get help only made things worse.

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"On Monday night, the manager told me four times that I must 'leave her home' as I was being noisy, loud, temperamental and abusive, when I was really trying to get some help and support for my wife," he said.

Dennis says that he interpreted being asked to leave after the incident as being banned from seeing his wife.

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So, considering that he's seen his wife "every single day" of their 70-year marriage, Dennis has decided to protest his situation and express his frustration with the home's management.

Dennis is hoping that his protest will help get some action taken on behalf of his wife.

"There have been issues with one resident at the home for months, and while I understand that he is unwell and is in the best place to get help, I think the manager needs to take some action because I am scared for my safety and that of my wife," he said.

At the same time, Dennis does admit that life at the care home has been good for his wife.

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He says that she's been very happy there, and for the most part, the staff are "tremendous and do a brilliant job."

A spokesperson for the home did make a comment on Dennis's situation.

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"We recognize the complex and sensitive issues around this particular situation with Mr Daniels and his wife, a long-time resident at the Anchorage. It is not a straightforward situation.

"Mr Daniels is a regular visitor to the home, usually seeing his wife daily. They have a loving relationship, which we respect.

"We're a little surprised by his recent actions. Our dedicated staff are always monitoring wellbeing and safeguarding our residents," the statement continued.

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"We are trying to engage with Mr Daniels and have called in the support of Social Services to reach an amicable solution."

Here's hoping they are able to work their differences out so Dennis can come in from the cold and resume his visits!

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