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20+ Unlikely Celebrity Friendships That Have Us Doing A Double Take

There are just certain celebs that don't go together in our minds. Maybe they're very different ages, or run with different crowds, or simply just don't seem like two people who could ever get along.

Whatever the case may be, these celebs were able to find some kind of common ground with one another, and forge unexpected friendships that have us shook.

Drake and Millie Bobby Brown.

Getty Images | Kevin Mazur

This one had some controversy floating around it since the two are so far apart in age. But so far their friendship seems totally innocent.

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart.

Getty Images | Steve Granitz

We all know that Snoop Dogg is someone that seems very easy to get along with, and could probably make friends with anyone. But this duo is definitely a bizarre one.

Snoop appearing on Martha Stewart's show was not a one-time-thing. He's appeared several times, and they always look they have a ton of fun together.

Snoop Dogg and David Beckham.

Getty Images | Live 8

Like I said, Snoop Dogg can make friends with just about anybody.

The two met back in 2007, and ended up getting along really well. Now, even their kids are friends.

50 Cent and Meryl Streep.

Getty Images | James Devaney

For obvious reasons, it's definitely strange to see these two as friends. The only thing they seem to have in common is that they're both famous.

But I guess this just goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover, because they sat next to each other at a basketball game and became fast friends.

50 joked on Instagram saying "things got a little gangsta."

50 Cent and Bette Midler.

Getty Images | Patrick McMullan

These two met at a charity event in New York, and against all odds, became good friends.

"He's one of the newest members of our tribe. He's really made my life worth living." Better said about 50.

Hey, if it works it works.

Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill.

Getty Images | NBC NewsWire

Brad and Jonah are both very famous, award-winning actors. So I'm not entirely surprised they they would end up running in the same squad.

But still, something about it doesn't seem totally natural to me. Either way, they make an adorable friend duo.

Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber.

With Kourtney's track-record of dating younger men, I would have expected this relationship to be more than platonic, at the time.

But it turns out the eldest Kardashian sister and J-Biebs are longtime family friends.

Tyra Banks and Clay Aiken.

Getty Images | Patrick McMullan

"For some reason we just clicked when we first met, and we try to stay in touch and see each other whenever we're in town. She's such a real person, and I think that's something people didn't know about her until her talk show. She doesn't try to be something she's not. She'll be as nerdy as she needs to be, or whatever she needs to be. I think that's why people are attracted to her, and I think that's why we became friends." Clay said about Tyra in an interview with People.

Eminem and Elton John.

Getty Images | Kirk McKoy

Despite a lot of Eminem's homophobic lyrics in some of his songs, he and Elton John managed to bond over their mutual love for music, and even performed together at the 2001 Grammys.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Bieber.

I'm guessing these two aren't BFF's or anything.

But Jennifer and Bieber's ex girlfriend, Selena Gomez are friends (which is another weird pairing). So my assumption is that they were introduced through their mutual connection.

Harry Styles and Zach Braff.

They almost look like they could be related.

Zach often tweets about his love for Harry in a playful, comedic way. But turns out that their friendship is totally legitimate.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

While their has been some speculation that the woman Jay-Z cheated on Beyoncé with is Gwyneth, there hasn't been any proof of that being true.

Could Gwyneth be "Becky with the good hair?"

These three haven't been since together since that whole situation, so it definitely is a possibility.

But before that, these three were all good friends. Gwyneth's kids refer to Jay-Z as "uncle Jay."

Rihanna and Jim Parsons.

Twitter | @Cinemark

Rihanna and Jim met while they were both playing the voices of characters in the children's movie Home.

On the surface, these two don't seem like people that would have anything in common at all. But they bonded over their mutual geekish interests.

Mandy Moore and Kelly Osbourne.

Getty Images | Stefanie Keenan

There is no damning evidence why these two could never be friends, it just doesn't seem likely.

Mandy Moore is a pop star-turned-actress and Kelly Osbourne is known for being Ozzy Osbourne's daughter, being a star of their family's reality show, and having ever-changing bright hair colors.

But somehow, these two became pals.

Russel Brand and Helen Mirren.

Getty Images | Dave M. Benett

Russel and Helen met on the set of The Tempest in 2009, and immediately hit it off. You'd expect the 30 year age gap between them to be an obstacle in their friendship, but the two seem inseparable.

"It's complicated. It's an unconsummated love affair. An erotic, intellectual tangle of emotions between a Dame and a vagabond. She is an incredible personality, very beautiful; ordinary when she needs to be, remarkable when required. I really love her and I respect her tremendously." Russel said.

Chris Brown and Elton John.

Getty Images | Stefanie Keenan

These two met at an event, where they were seen chatting it up for a while, and even posed for photos together.

Chris told John that he had been a big fan of his for a long time, and has revealed to press that John has been a good friend to him ever since they met.

Jamie Foxx and Ron Howard.

Getty Images | Jeff Vespa

This one is random as hell.

Ron Howard is the last person I'd ever expect to see in one of Jamie Foxx's music videos. But there he is!

The pair met at President Obama's inauguration, and the rest was history.

Kim Kardashian and Mel B.

Getty Images | Denise Truscello

Initially, I thought these two we re a really unlikely pair. But the more I think about it, the more normal it seems. They're both famous, they're both around the same age, and both have a love for beauty and fashion.

They have been friends for years, and Mel B gets invited to all of the Kardashian family events.

Snooki and John McCain.

Okay, so Snooki and John McCain weren't actually friends, per se.

But Snooki was a big fan of his, and he tweeted her sending his congratulations on the birth of her first child, and she tweeted back "I love you John McCain!"

Joan Collins and Cara Delevingne.

Getty Images | Dominique Charriau

While this does seem really random, it's actually not. Joan is Cara's Godmother, and they've been close for her entire life.

The more you know!

Courteney Cox and Isla Fisher.

This one isn't that weird. They're both actresses, and both roughly around the same age.

But I still didn't see it coming! These two are surprisingly close friends, and even have karaoke parties from time to time.

Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-Un.

Getty Images | Steve Grayson

The former basketball star has met with North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un a couple of times and has told reporters: "He's my friend for life — I don't care what you guys think about him."

He has also stated that Kim Jong-Un's father and grandfather were "great leaders."


Kris Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence.

"My knees buckled... it was the closest I've ever come to losing consciousness," Jennifer told New York Times after meeting Kris.

And after that, a friendship was born.

Kanye West and the Olsen twins.

At first glance, this friendship seems weird AF. Especially since the Olsen twins have shied away from the spotlight since becoming adults, and Kanye has done, well, the opposite.

But they do have something very major in common: Fashion. How did we not see this before?