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Leaked Footage Shows Tucker Carlson Having Meltdown While Interviewing Historian

The term, "The Streisand Effect" refers to a situation where someone tries to suppress a piece of information, a photo, or some footage, but only causes it to spread further by doing this. After all, the greatest way to make people more curious about seeing something is to tell them that they can't.

According to the BBC, it was originally coined when Barbra Streisand sued a photographer for publishing a photo containing her house in it. Since this suit made international headlines, it only ensured that more people visited the photographer's site than otherwise would have.

As the full video shows, this effect seems to have claimed another victim in Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Although Tucker Carlson's programming is similarly conservative to previous TV outings, this didn't come without an effort to re-invent himself.

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According to The Washington Post, he has spent the last two years branding himself as an anti-elite thinker who has spent enough time with the upper crust to see their hypocrisy up close.

It is likely for this reason that Carlson was interested in speaking to Dutch Historian Rutger Bregman.

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Bregman has recently made headlines for his appearance on at the World Economic Forum conference in Davos, Switzerland.

There, he mentioned feeling bewildered at the concept of people flying 1,500 private jets to hear Sir David Attenborough speak about how emissions affect climate change, but he noticed an even larger issue.

As he put it, "I hear people talking the language of participation and justice and equality and transparency. But then almost no one raises the real issue of tax avoidance. And of the rich just not paying their fair share. It feels like I’m at a firefighters conference and no one is allowed to speak about water."

However, when Carlson and Bregman spoke, the interview clearly hadn't gone according to Carlson's plans.

If this tweet from Bregman didn't make that clear enough, Fox News executive Justin Wells said the historian, "turned an opportunity to have a substantive, informative discussion into an obviously calculated personal insult campaign. We were disappointed in the segment and respect our audience’s time too much to consider airing it."

Of course, it's hard to know who to believe without seeing the footage ourselves. Fortunately, we can.

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The interview starts off friendly enough with Carlson praising Bregman for being the only person either man were aware of to tackle the issues that the World Economic Forum failed to address, as well as their failure to address them, right to their faces.

As he said, "If I was wearing a hat, I would take it off to you."

But things got a little more awkward when Bregman didn't focus solely on the topics Carlson expected him to.

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Carlson liked that Bregman talked about the hypocrisy of flying private jets to a climate change discussion, and the idea of taking people to task for avoiding taxes, but was made uncomfortable when Bregman said that most Americans are in favor of high taxes on the rich.

This was doubly true when he stated that both those at Davos and Fox News don't support this "mainstream" idea because they were both "bought by billionaires."

Although Carlson tried to steer the conversation away from this topic, Bregman doubled down.

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He went on to say that Carlson's image of standing up for the little guy wasn't convincing and that the Murdoch family and the Koch Brothers have paid him to "scapegoat immigrants instead of talking about tax avoidance."

Carlson then claimed that Bregman wouldn't have seen enough Fox News programming to determine that, to which he replied that he had done his homework.

After Bregman restated that Carlson was merely jumping on a bandwagon and was, at heart, a millionaire funded by billionaires, Carlson clearly lost his temper.

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At least, that's the only impression that we can get from the response, "Why don't you go f*** yourself, you tiny brain and I hope this gets picked up because you're a moron. I tried to give you a hearing, but you were too f****** annoying."

As you can imagine, the interview didn't go much farther from there.

Since the interview didn't take place at a Fox News studio, it wasn't as difficult to obtain a recording of the interview from the Amsterdam studio where Bregman sat in for it.

And so, you can now see the whole exchange for yourself in the full video.