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This Video of a Girl's Grandpa Doing Her Makeup Is Too Wholesome For The Internet

Some people are just too good for this world, and Megan Margot and her granddad are two of them.

Between sips of wine, the two attempt to help him do her makeup...and, well, you can already see from the thumbnail how well it goes.

If you're in need for some wholesomeness in this crazy world, then I can guarantee you that this video is the one for you.

Meet Megan.

She's a Canadian YouTuber currently living in London.

Her channel boasts 150k+ subscribers who all watch Megan's daily life while living in London, her doing makeup-related videos, and general lifestyle updates.

Megan has an awesome granddad.

YouTube | Megan Margot

She introduces him by saying, "He's gonna be doing my makeup, because I'm so sick of doing my makeup. And I want someone to do it for me."

He immediately replies, "Oh, you're using me, then, are you? " And gets up to leave.

I love him already.

He literally has no idea what he's doing.

YouTube | Megan Margot

You can already tell this isn't going to go well, because her granddad took one look at MAC Fix+ spray and asked...if it was eyelash glue.

I can see the train of thought there, because...fix?

I think? Bless his heart.

Her granddad is also an A+ roaster.

Know Your Meme

When asked if he ever sees anyone put on makeup, he says no.

"I never watch anyone do ma—I've seen a couple of your vlogs, and I always fast forward that bit."

Oh. My. God. And why does he fast forward through the makeup?

"'Cause they're boring!"

So, let's look at the products he's going to use.

YouTube | Megan Margot

Here we have "two dead spiders in a box," which has a backstory to it.

While Megan was living with her grandparents, her granddad looked down at her lashes and thought there were dead spiders on the couch.

10/10 have absolutely made that mistake before.

The roasts just keep coming.


Megan lays out the challenge: he's going to make her look beautiful.

He immediately comes for her whole life: "What happened last night, then, did you not get any beauty sleep, or what?"

Honestly Megan, that was a granddad level assassination. RIP.

Here's the look they're trying to recreate

This is not a simple look for a first-timer, so...good luck, granddad!

Between the sculpted brows, the smokey eye, and the contour, he's going to have a hell of a time trying to get this to work.

Spoiler alert, it doesn't go exactly to plan.

"Can we do this, or is it a mission impossible?"

YouTube | Megan Margot

Okay, let's get into it. He figures out that foundation goes first, which is mostly right! You don't need primer for a quick look, anyway. Good job! Proud of him.

He then asks if the foundation is applied with fingers.

Oh no.

Oh dear.

Megan does not help at all.

YouTube | Megan Margot

She says it's totally up to him to decide, which I would not do, because 100% my grandpa would also pick fingers. Oh man.

So, fingers it is, and it's immediately so wholesome. They both start laughing as he kinda plops some foundation onto his fingers and starts rubbing it on her face.

All of this is worth it just for how happy they look, tbh.


Granddad has a plan: he's going to start at the top and work downward. That means that it's time for brows, which already terrifies me.

Brows are so hard to get right, and so easy to mess up. I'm sure he'll do fine, though.

It's brow time.

YouTube | Megan Margot

Okay, so here''s what I think happened, because I'm a little speechless at how quickly this went off the rails. He looked for an eyebrow pencil, but I think he grabbed eyeliner.

So uh, those brows are brought to you by black eyeliner. I love art.

Interlude: Wine time

YouTube | Megan Margot

While her granddad sorts through things to find some eyeshadow, Megan takes a quick second to sip some vino.

Because when your granddad is doing your makeup and you have eyeliner on your eyebrows, wine is almost a necessity.

Everyone prepare for the eyeshadow.

YouTube | Megan Margot

The good news is that he correctly identifies the eyeshadow palette, and he has a pretty good brush, too. Did he call it an eyebrow brush? Yes. Does it matter? No!

The bad news is that Megan tells him they're going out later, so he better make her look good.

"You'll have to wash it all off if we're going out somewhere!"

Oh, this is not going well at all.

YouTube | Megan Margot

At. All.

He nailed the base color, but the introduction of the darker, smokier color seems to have thrown granddad for a loop.

He so gracefully just swipes the dark color over Megan's crease and brow bone.

"It looked better without the darker stuff, actually."

He's not wrong.

This train is officially off the tracks.

YouTube | Megan Margot

Listen, it was inevitable that this would stop working when they got to the eyeliner.

Liner is the hardest thing to do, and granddad did not stand a chance.

Which is probably why he drew the liner in the middle of her eyelid.

Lashes really complete a look.

YouTube | Megan Margot

So. You can see the results of his handiwork pretty well by now.

Eyeliner crooked, uneven brows, and one eyelash stuck to her eye at an angle that I am dumbfounded he managed to achieve.

For the second lash, he decided to just glop on the glue. Let's see how that looks.

The word "no" comes to mind.

YouTube | Megan Margot

You guys!!! I can't. I cannot. He got glue from the band of the lash all the way to the tips, then somehow got it all over her eyelid and actual eyelashes.

The man has a talent for overcompensating with that glue, that's for sure.

Move over, James Charles.

YouTube | Megan Margot

My favorite part of all of this is that her granddad knows just enough about beauty videos to hold up the products to the camera to show the audience.

We stan a beauty guru! When is his channel launching? Call up Morphe, we have their next collab figured out.

That's one way to apply blush.

YouTube | Megan Margot

Oh man, the best part about the blush application is him just putting it all over her cheek. Contouring is out, and heavy blush application is in.

"Not going overboard with it," he says, as he rubs blush all over her face.

We can't all be Kylie Jenner.

Granddad knows enough about lip products to know he needs a lip pencil, but not enough to know how to put it on.

It's kinda like a coloring book. Stay inside the lines and you'll be fine! (It's not fine.)

Do not let your granddad near bronzer.

Like! He was doing okay! And then he grabbed the bronzer, dipped a brush in, and it all just went to hell.

Tbh, part of this is on Benefit for saying that "Hoola" is an all-over powder. The other part is on granddad for assuming that color would be an all-over powder on Megan.

It's okay, concealer is...not hard at all actually.

YouTube | Megan Margot

Megan gives him a small hint for concealer: it goes under her eyes. So naturally, he proceeds to draw two thick, gloopy lines under her eyes with the concealer.

Thank god he thought to grab a tissue to clean it up. They both laugh their butts off while he does it, though.

You know how I know Megan is a good granddaughter?

YouTube | Megan Margot

She totally goes easy on him when she sees her makeup. "I's good!"

And she gives him some good constructive criticism, complimenting him on how well he blended the foundation, as well as the unique arched brow shape.

Bless her.

What a champ

If you want to see these two drink some wine, make jokes, and try to put on makeup while laughing at each other, then head over to Megan's channel and check it out.

Things like this are what the world needs.

And in the world's of Megan's granddad: "Let's get lit."