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10+ Times Brands Got Caught Totally Ripping Off Kim Kardashian's Looks

Brands have been ripping off Kardashian looks 10 minutes after they're seen wearing them. It's honestly impressive how quickly companies are able to replicate, what was probably a $3000 dress, and turn it into a $30 dress.

I am personally not complaining. It allows us little people who can't afford designer outfits, to be able to dress similarly to today's fashion icons, without having to be a millionaire.

But Kim has finally had enough of being copied.

Kim called out all of the fast-fashion companies in a tweet.

She doesn't think it's fair that companies are profiting off the creativity of others.

It's a pretty understandable thing to be frustrated with. Except if she knew what it was like to be broke, and still wanting to wear fashionable outfits, she may be a bit more lenient.

FashionNova has been the number one culprit so far.

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It seems like every time Kim is seen wearing anything in public, moments later, FashionNova has the replica posted in their new arrivals.

Take this dress for example.

Kim and her sisters made neon one of the biggest trends of 2018.

For a few months, it seemed as though Kim wore nothing but neon, and I was living for it.

It's bold, it's daring, and it looks great with her skin tone.

But of course, FashionNova is never too far behind.


They didn't just add neon to their collection, they copied her outfits stitch for stitch, and even used models that shared similar physical traits as Kim.

This one seemed like an absurd outfit to copy.

Obviously Kim pulled it off. She pulls everything off. But did FashionNova really think that this was going to be a hit?

There is nothing practical or modest about this outfit. No regular girl would wear this on a random Tuesday for the sake of being chic.

As I predicted, this two-piece set has been in FashionNova's clearance section for nearly a year now.


I think if they're going to copy Kim's outfits, they should copy ones that the average woman would actually wear.

We all remember this Met Gala look, right?

This was the same year that Kendall wore a rather underwhelming white pantsuit. I'll never forget what a disappointment that was.

But Kim's look was on point, or at least FashionNova thought so.

This look-a-like isn't identical to Kim's, but you can tell what their intention was.

They even styled the model's hair the same as Kim's.

Kim puts in all the legwork

Kim K is one of the few people in the world that can show up to something wearing a completely see-through dress, and nobody bats an eye.

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If I wore this dress, people would probably throw garbage at me on the street. No thank you, FashionNova.

Kim isn't the only one who's getting ripped off.

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Her sisters are all equal victims.

When Kourtney wore this dress for Kylie's birthday celebration, FashionNova had the knock-off posted on their site by the next morning.

Along with both of Kylie's birthday looks.

Getty Images | kyliejenner

Kylie wore two different outfits on the night of her birthday, and FashionNova ripped off both of them overnight.

And just like that, we can dress like a Kardashian or a Jenner without ever being on the cover for Forbes.


They're probably just mad that the exclusivity of certain outfits are being taken away from them.

They've even stolen looks from Kris.


The entire Kardashian and Jenner clan are targets. No one is safe.

I don't think they realize the kind of power they have.

They could start dressing badly on purpose, FashionNova would copy them thinking it's the next big trend, and before you know it, the whole world would be walking around wearing a garbage bag with Crocs because the Kardashians did it.

Just the other day, Kim wore this outfit and FashionNova released their version of it just hours later.

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Kim has assured us that she isn't in cahoots with FashionNova, and she didn't leak her outfit before wearing it.

FashionNova is just that good.

Kim shared this pic with a fiesty caption firing shots at fast-fashion companies.

Instagram | @kimkardashian

"Going through old fitting pics & found this gold look that Kanye made for me for my Miami trip last summer (I went w the neon vibes instead) P.S. fast fashion brands, can you please wait until I wear this in real life before you knock it off? " she wrote.

Perhaps in an act of sheer trolling, fast fashion brand Missguided had a copy up in a matter of hours.

Instagram | @missguided

"The devil works hard but Missguided works harder."

Even Fashion Nova took a turn on this look.

At least they were honest in their caption, lol.

Kim took Missguided's joke a little more seriously, though. She's now suing the company over using her "persona and trademarks" to sell replicas of designs, for 10 million dollars, and asking the company to stop using her likeness.

Poor Kylie. honestly. Everything she does turns into a trend.

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There was the time she rocked a suit jacket mini at the VMA's. Which is, like, risky, but so iconic.

Hours later Fashion Nova came through with the copy.

Fashion Nova

Why can't they just let the Kardashian-Jenners live?!

Throwing it way back, Kylie's store released a warm hued camo set.

The Kylie Shop

Which was actually accused of copying another brand. But her camo set reignited the army vibe.

Right on schedule, as always.

Fashion Nova

They didn't even try to change it up.

They literally don't even have to be attending fancy events to get ripped off.

Instagram | @kyliejenner

She was just out and about in this Magda Butrym cocktail dress for dinner.

Fashion Nova didn't even TRY to do this dress justice.

Fashion Nova

Center seam and a scrunchie look? Done and done!

Their entire family's mood.

FashionNova has become incredibly popular over the last couple of years, with no sign of slowing down.

If anything, Kim just gave them free publicity.