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Should You Curtsy If You Run Into Meghan Markle While She Visits New York City?

For the most part, the royal family doesn't visit the USA very often.

So when they do make the trip across the pond, it's kind of a big deal for fans!

Currently, Meghan Markle is in New York City, and here's what you need to know, should you bump into her!

If you're out and about in New York City, you might just luck out and run into Meghan Markle.

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Word is that she's currently stateside to attend her baby shower, hosted by her closest friends.

Keeping in mind that Meghan is a Duchess now, you might be wondering what the proper protocol is if you happen to cross paths.

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Things were much different when she was an actress! But don't worry, we've got you covered.

A handshake would be appropriate.

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People reports that etiquette rules always follow the protocol of each respective country.

Since a curtsey is not an American custom — you don't have to worry about this.

But wait!

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When in the presence of a royal, it's proper to wait to be introduced first.

This means that no matter how excited you are, don't expect to run up to Meghan for a handshake.

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This would be a hard no, unless you wanted to be tackled by her security.

Another important rule: no photos!

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If you want to remain respectful, it's only acceptable to take a photo if she's posing for it.

Those candid cellphone shots would be considered rude.

Did you get all that?

I'm sure Meghan never imagined that there would be protocol for someone to simply say hello to her one day, but here we are!

Of course, the odds that you'll actually come face to face with Meghan are pretty slim.

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She'll be constantly swarmed with security, but if you get close enough to say hello, make sure you keep these rules in mind and your cellphone away!