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Kate Upton Encourages Other Moms to 'Just Keep Pumpin' In Relatable Breast Pumping Selfie

If you choose to breastfeed, then you know that it is basically a 24-hour job, especially in those early months.

Even if you plan on going out without the baby, you still have to plan accordingly and pack your trusty breast pump with you.

Model and new mom Kate Upton just shared a super relatable breast pumping photo, and I'm sure nursing moms everywhere will think, "Yup, that looks familiar," when they see it.

Celebs sharing their pump pics isn't anything new.

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Pink shared this shot of getting ready and pumping milk for her son back in 2017. I think her face pretty much says it all.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen also posted their own pump selfie.

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This photo was taken in the car on the way to John's Father's Day lunch. When you gotta pump, you gotta pump — even when you're on the road.

And Rachel McAdams basically broke the internet when this behind-the-scenes pic was posted of her pumping at a magazine shoot.

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Other stars, like Hilary Duff, paid homage to the picture on social media.

Now, model Kate Upton is joining their ranks.

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Kate and her husband, Justin Verlander, announced they were expecting in July 2018 and of course, we were thrilled with the news!

During her pregnancy, Kate showed off pictures of her growing bump.

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This beautiful shot captures the expecting mama perfectly. It was also so great that Kate shared images of her changing body with her fans.

In November 2018, Kate and Justin welcomed their little girl to the world.

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They named her Genevieve Upton Verlander. Adorable! Congrats to the beautiful family.

The couple hasn't shared too many updates about Genevieve on social media, but when they do, it's pure gold.

Like this pic of Kate enjoying what I'm sure is a much-needed glass of wine.

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She captioned this photo, "Both nursin". I'm sure a lot of new moms can relate to this photo.

Her most recent update might be the most candid and personal one yet.

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Kate posted this picture of her pumping milk on Valentine's Day. "Valentine’s Day dinner pregame #JustKeepPumpin," she wrote in the caption that accompanied this pic.

I think #JustKeepPumpin should become a mantra for new moms. Thanks for the motivation, Kate!

People are praising Kate for posting this picture.

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When celebrities post pictures like this, it helps normalize breastfeeding and pumping milk. We need to see more images like this one so that new moms feel safe and supported when nursing.

Moms were relating hard to this pic.

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Since it was Valentine's Day and all, I bet a lot of moms were doing this before going on their date and leaving the baby home with a sitter. It goes to show that breastfeeding can be a universal experience.

Thanks again for sharing, Kate! We can't wait to see more updates from your life as a new mom.