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17+ Celebs Who Seriously Regret Their Tattoos

When it comes to getting a tattoo, there a few basic rules to live by. For example, don't get your significant other's name, or portrait tattooed on yourself. That one seems like an important one to mention (you'll find out why momentarily).

It turns out that even though celebrities seem to live glamorous, seemingly flawless lives, even they have made some major rookie tattoo mistakes. It's a good thing they can afford removal and endless cover-ups when necessary.

Ariana Grande.

Instagram | @arianagrande

Following her single "7 Rings" Ari had the name of the song inked on the palm of her hand in Japanese characters.

After posting a video of her new tattoo on social media, fans noticed that the tattoo actually translated to "tiny charcoal grill"—sending her back to have it fixed.

Demi Lovato.

Instagram | @ddlovato

Demi impulsively had her friend's set of lips tattooed on her wrist. But she claims it ended up resembling a vagina instead.

Years later, she had the tattoo covered up with a rose, and it looks gorgeous!

Pete Davidson.

Instagram | @jonmesatattoos

One week before announcing his split from Ariana Grande, Pete was seen in a photo with a covered up version of his Dangerous Woman-inspired bunny-ears tattoo.

He also had another one of his Ariana-inspired tattoos covered up with the word "cursed."

Khloe Kardashian.

Instagram | @khloekardashian

Khloe had gotten a tattoo on her lower back as tribute to her late father, but later called it a "tramp stamp" and had it removed.

“I should’ve listened to [sister] Kim when she told me ‘You don’t put a bumper sticker on a Bentley’,” she posted on Instagram.

Amy Schumer.

Instagram | @amyschumer

Here's the tattoo that Amy named her book after, The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo.

She posted this photo on Instagram, with the caption: "Rump alert #yesiknowmytattoosucks"

Kylie Jenner.

YouTube | Entertainment Tonight

Kylie had a lowercase "t" tattooed on her ankle while she was still dating rapper, Tyga. But after their split, she had it transformed into "la"

Wise choice!

Amber Rose.

YouTube | Splash TV

While dating Wiz Khalifa, Amber had a portrait of his face tattooed on the back of her arm.

After their split, naturally, she had the tattoo covered up and replaced by Slash's face instead.

Justin Bieber.

Instagram | @justinbieber

While most of Justin's tattoos have religious meaning, he did have one that was dedicated to his ex girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

“This is my ex-girlfriend, so I tried to cut her face up with some shading, but people still know,” he told GQ.

Adam Levine.

YouTube | Entertainment Tonight

Adam's Russian prisoner-inspired tattoo on his right shoulder still haunts him to this day, as he refuses to remove any of his ink.

He told Anderson Cooper that it looks like “a cauliflower with a sun in the middle of it. It’s just despicable-looking.”

Kaley Cuoco.

Instagram | @kaleycuoco

Kaley had roman numerals tattooed on her back dedicated to her ex-husband, Ryan Sweeting. After their divorce, she had it covered up with a black and white moth.

“note to self- do not mark your body with any future wedding dates #under30mistakes #donttakeyourselftooseriouslykids,” she wrote on Instagram.

Hayden Pannettiere.

YouTube | Splash TV

Hayden had an Italian phrase tattooed on her back, reading: "Live without regrets" except that it was spelt incorrectly.

“It's misspelled … So I literally have to live by that advice!” she told Glamour.

But ultimately, she started the removal process in 2013.

Megan Fox.

Megan used to have a giant portrait of Marilyn Monroe's face on her right forearm, but started the removal process in 2011, claiming that she didn't love the negativity the tattoo was attached to.

"I do not want to attract this kind of negative energy in my life." she told Daily Mail

As you can see, the tattoo is barely detectable now.

Jennifer Lawrence.

YouTube | HitFix

Jen regrets getting this tiny hand tattoo that reads "H20", not in the proper scientific notation.

“I was with Liam [Hemsworth]’s family and everybody was getting tattoos, and I was like, well, I’m always going to need to be hydrated, so I guess I should get H2O on my hand,” she told HitFix. “By the way, I know that the two is high and in H2O the two is supposed to be low. I should’ve Googled it before I got it tattooed on my body forever.”

Nicole Richie.

YouTube | AOL Entertainment

Nicole regrets a few of her tattoos; her cross tattoo, her zodiac sign tattoo, and one on the back of her neck that reads her last name with a red bow.

But she only opted to have one removed: the cross, calling it a "tramp stamp."

Angelina Jolie.

Back in the day, Angelina used to have her ex-husband Brad Pitt's name tattooed on her arm along with a dragon. But following their divorce, she had the tattoo removed, and later replaced it with the map coordinates of where all her children were born.

Keith Urban.

Keith used to have a latin phrase tattooed on his wrist, along with the initials of his ex-girlfriend. But he later had the tattoo covered up with a tribal band, and replaced his ex-girlfriend's initials with his wife, Nicole Kidman's initials.

Denise Richards.

Denise used to have a simple tribute to her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen, on her ankle. But following their divorce, she had the tattoo covered up with a fairy.

Heidi Klum.

Heidi had gotten her then-husband's name "Seal" tattooed on her forearm along with stars for their children. But after their split, she had his name removed. Now, only the stars remain.

Marc Anthony.

While Marc Anthony was married to Jennifer Lopez, he had had her name tattooed on his wrist. But following their split, he had the tattoo covered up with the statue of liberty, and now her name is barely detectable.

Pamela Anderson.

Pamela had barbed wire tattooed around her bicep for a movie role, and actually ended up keeping the tattoo for nearly 18 years before having it finally removed.

Zoë Kravitz.

Instagram | @dr_woo

Fans pointed out that the Arabic text tattooed on Zoë's shoulder was grammatically incorrect, and translated to something very different than "let love rule."

She later had the tattoo covered up with a dragonfly.

Jhené Aiko.

Instagram | @miryamlumpini

Following her split from long-time boyfriend, Big Sean, Jhené covered up the portrait she had tattooed of him on her arm, and replaced it with an image of the galaxy.

"i covered ALL my tats w/ a big ass Dragon w/ a Phoenix wing breathing life and light into a new galaxy. NEW ART! NO BEEF!," she wrote in a deleted tweet.

Johnny Depp.

Johnny has made the mistake of getting a tattoo for a girlfriend not once, but twice.

He got his first girlfriend-inspired tattoo on his arm for Winona Ryder that read "Winona Forever" but he later transformed that to "Wino Forever."

Then while he was married to Amber Heard, he tattooed "slim" across his knuckles for her. But following their divorce, he had it changed to "scum" and then again to "scam".


Eva Longoria.

Instagram | @evalongoria

Eva used to have her ex-husband Tony Parker's jersey number, 9, tattooed on the back of her neck. But after his cheating scandal, and their divorce, she had it removed.