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Parents Everywhere Are Completely Confused By This Kid's Handwritten Note

I'm not going to sit here and pretend I have perfect handwriting. In fact, it looks about the same — slightly worse, even — as it did when I was in sixth grade.

I say this because I don't intend to judge this kid's handwriting. But man, it's opened up a Pandora's Box of theories and speculation.

It's a tale as old as time.

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As old as handwriting, at least. Everyone has their own style of jotting stuff down, and sometimes it's bound to get confusing. Sure, the writer knows what they meant...but does the reader?

At least with kids, it's understandable.

They're just starting to write, after all. If your parents saved any of your stuff from kindergarten, check it out sometime. You'll be scratching your head for days at the stuff you wrote about.

This one flummoxed a lot of people.

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Jodie and Soda, hosts on an Adelaide, Australia radio station, shared an image of some indecipherable handwriting courtesy of Jodie's four-year-old daughter, Summer. Seriously, this one's a doozy — a confusing doozy.

Here it is.

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I'm so lost. "I love roywee sore fo pilo$". I guess two of those are words. As we'll see, there was no shortage of theories from listeners. Make sure to read to the end, though, because we do have an answer.

Jodie revealed just one thing going on.

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Apparently the note was some kind of attempted apology for something Summer had done. Jodie decided to play it cagey and let listeners try to decipher the mysterious missive.

Maybe it isn't an apology.

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Kids love toys, and tend to develop their first understanding of economics from pricing out toys and other assorted swag from catalogs and so on. Summer's just four years old. This makes sense.

Yeah, it's toys.

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Summer's clearly a smart kid. She wants a toy, but she's fiscally responsible enough to request one that's reasonably priced. I think we can just about close the book on this mystery.


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Maybe it is an apology? I mean, this isn't pure speculation — it's an analytical looking photo. I know that there's a dollar sign in there, and I'm starting to believe it's an apology after all.

This is starting to make sense.

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The informal poll of Facebook users who reacted to the image seems to indicate that most people are leaning towards the note being an apology. An apology that's possibly about pillows.


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Greg makes a compelling argument. This interpretation suggests that Summer has done some homework to ensure that rye bread, or maybe sourdough, will be available. She hasn't flossed and she doesn't care, either.

Here's a mashup theory.

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We're back on the toy track, we're also acknowledging the pillow incident, whatever it may be, and we're well on our way to a tasty sandwich, courtesy of south-supplied HP sauce. Also, USB.

I don't think this is it.

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It demonstrates kindness and empathy toward Roy, and it also appears to provide excellent directions to a trailer park. Four-year-olds can demonstrate empathy, but their directional skills are terrible, so I'm ruling this one out.

Maybe this is the true answer.

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Trevor's attitude is almost zen: the note is chaos, and nothing you can do will change this. It's best to accept it, not think about it, and accept that some mysteries aren't meant to be solved.

Here's an actual analysis.

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Here we were, trying to decipher the mysteries of the internet, and some nerd comes in with her "rational explanation" and "logic". Don't worry, though — Jodie did provide an explanation.

Turns out it was an apology note after all.

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The video is region-locked, but Jodie had Summer into the studio, where she provided the actual transcription:

“I am a love you very sorry for all of the stuff we have done. I love you.”