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Video Shows Instagram Model Getting Bitten By Pig While Trying To Take Pics With Them

For a lot of people, Instagram has transformed from just a social media platform that emphasizes sharing photos to one big FOMO generator.

If people judged Instagram stars' lives solely on what they post on the platform, they'd likely assume that they're a never-ending carnival of people living their best lives in dream destinations.

However, it's almost impossible to get anybody's full story this way.

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Not only are they unlikely to post all the awkward and sad experiences they go through, but it's not often that we even see the downside to those destinations.

Still, one model did give us a humorous peek at what those glamorous photo shoots are like behind the scenes.

The shoot in question took place in a region of the Bahamas known as Exuma, which is famous for its swimming pigs.

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According to the nation's official website, it's unclear how these wild pigs first arrived on the island, but they've been roaming it and swimming up to approaching tour boats ever since.

However, while those pigs may make for an adorable experiences with tourists, models who use the islands as a photo setting don't find them so easy to work with.

USA Today reported that when model Chanel Iman was there for a shoot promoting the disastrous Fyre Festival, she found plenty of reasons to be nervous about swimming with them.

She told People, "If you see the Hulu documentary I am like running—”

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“—I am jumping in the boat because I don’t want anything to do with getting bit or getting hurt by the pigs,” she said

Still, hanging out with the pigs was apparently on Instagram model Michelle Lewin's bucket list, so she held a shoot of her own there.

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However, it didn't take long for that desire to go straight out the window.

In a scene that would likely make other models knowingly wince, one of the pigs bites Lewin directly on the butt.

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Unsurprisingly, this compels her to start running away from the pigs while screaming "it bit me" in Spanish.

Unfortunately, this only serves to get some of the pigs even more excited.

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While the first pig seemed satisfied enough with the bite it gave her, another one starts giving chase as she darts around in panic.

After the scene calms down a little, Lewin showed off the damage the pig did.

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As her husband, Jimmy, told USA Today, the resulting bite mark was noticeable enough that she might have to reschedule some upcoming shoots foir her swimwear brand.

As he said, "Her left glute is really purple. And during the flight home she really had to sit on one side."

However, it seems that medical attention won't be necessary because the bite didn't break the skin.

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The couple also seemed to take the whole incident in stride and didn't see much reason to have any hard feelings towards the pigs.

They understand the nature of their interaction was with untrained, undomesticated animals, and took the experience surprisingly well.

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As Jimmy told USA Today, "We understand that they are wild animals. And we're entering their territory. It’s our own fault."

Yet, it doesn't seem like the biting event was a total loss for the model.

The full video shown below amassed about 5.6 million views, which means it did over five times as well as the video posted before it.

Still, Lewin has definitely had enough of pigs for a while.

She shared a follow-up on the whole situation, and her bottom seems to have bruised quite a bit.

But hey — she'll make a full recovery!