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9+ Pics That Hilariously Sum Up Life Before And After Having Kids

To say that a lot changes when you have kids would be a huge understatement.

It would be more accurate to say that your life becomes a permanent hurricane of chaos and you feel good if you can get by on a diet of coffee and... more coffee.

Take a peek at these hilariously real photos that pretty much sum up the craziness that is parenting.

Becoming a parent will make you a true survivor.

Remember the days when you actually had time to get dressed in the morning? I miss planning my outfits. Now I just pick up whatever looks somewhat clean and hope for the best.

And it doesn't get any easier when you decide to have more than one kid.

You think the first one will be the hardest, and then you realize how wrong you were. Hang in there, parents.

Sleep? What's sleep?

Well, folks, it's been 15 months and counting since I last had a decent sleep. At this point, I'm fairly certain my blood type is coffee.

Oh, yeah. That's what the back seat of my car used to look like.

I'm getting really good at the "sorry there's Cheerios and toys everywhere" spiel I give to anyone who has to ride in my car.

Date nights mean something a little different now.

There's less wining and dining, and more... kids. Or, if you're able to pass the kids off to a sitter for the night, don't be surprised if you and your spouse simply end up calling it an early night and going to bed.

Parenting is the ultimate glo up.

Okay, just kidding. Be prepared to put your body through the most exhausting years of your life. But it's all worth it! (Right? Right??)

Your definition of the word "luxury" changes.

These days, there is no greater joy than taking a shower that lasts longer than five minutes. If I get to condition my hair while I'm at it, that's when I know I'm really spoiling myself.

You may as well just put "Paw Patrol" on repeat for the next five years.

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Good luck trying to watch anything that isn't rated G. But, hey, the Paw Patrol theme song is pretty catchy.

Goodbye, privacy!

They say mystery is the secret to romance and if that is the case... then I'm in trouble. If you were able to keep your more embarrassing qualities a secret from your partner, get ready to have them see ALL of you from now on.

Don't be surprised if your taste in music and movies changes.

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My Spotify account wouldn't stop suggesting the newest album from The Wiggles and I was pleasantly surprised when I finally caved and played it. That's when I realized I was truly a parent.

Just when you think you've got the hang of this parenting thing, WHAM!

Out of nowhere, you're knocked off your feet again. Don't worry, it should get easier in about... 18 years or so.

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