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The First New Coca-Cola Flavor In 10 Years Tastes Just Like A Creamsicle

maariyah.qazi 12 Feb 2019

Soda fans rejoice! For the first time in over a decade, the iconic soda brand, Coca-Cola, is bringing a brand new player to their team.

They've recruited two bombshell flavors and married them into a delicious mix that's leaving Pepsi and the rest of their competitors shaking in their less innovative boots.

Coca-Cola seems to understand the link between nostalgia, personalization, and a flawless freakin' flavor.

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The execution of marketing for their beverages has always been ahead of the game, but more recently, the "share a coke" campaign catapulted their revenue to soaring heights.

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Riffing off of the success of that campaign, the company seems to have conjured up the perfect storm of a flavor.

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And people are saying it's essentially a drinkable orange creamsicle!

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They took their classic Vanilla Coke and blended it with citrusy wonder to produce their brand new drink.

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Orange Vanilla, baby! And that's not all. The drink boats zero calories to boot!

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The flavor went toe to toe with other options, including raspberry, lemon, and ginger.


However, Coca-Cola was happy to report, "the combination of orange and vanilla emerged as the clear favorite in focus groups."

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Ultimately, it was nostalgia that won over customers, and turned this flavor into an experience.

Kate Carpenter, the Brand Director at Coca-Cola explained, "We wanted to bring back positive memories of carefree summer days."

By the sounds of it, they succeeded!

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