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Tourist Faces Consequences After Video Shows Her Slapping Immigration Officer

Considering how stressful travelling can be at the best of time, it's hard to envy those who work in airport customer service or those who handle customs.

Sure, we may have a rough time trying to make our flight, but they have the "pleasure" of getting everybody else's rough times thrown at them every day.

But even when experiencing customers' rude behavior is part of the job, some customers can still cross the line. And one is paying a pretty serious price for doing just that.

As the video begins, the traveler is already getting heated at the immigration officer.

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Auj-e Taqaddas, 42, of the U.K. rants about missing her flight after she was pulled aside by immigration officials.

As the BBC reported, she had apparently overstayed her visa by about 160 days while on a trip to Bali.

On one hand, it was easy to understand what Taqaddas was so angry about.

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Not only would she miss her flight, but she was just informed that she would not be allowed to return home until she paid a fine of $3,500.

On the other hand, it's not the immigration officer's fault that her visa expired and she's essentially shouting at him for doing his job.

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However, that wouldn't be the worst of what she does after the officer said something that apparently prompted the response, "I'm your f****** mother?"

The very idea that Taqaddas should go to the immigration office apparently filled her with such rage that she reached over and slapped the man.

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Although it seems the transcriber couldn't make it out, she says "go to the immigration office?" right as she does this.

After the slap, Taqaddas continues to berate the officer while he calmly tries to get a word in edgewise.

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Following that, she then turns to the person filming the encounter and tells them to show their face, which she assumes is ugly, as it is presumably obscured by their smartphone.

Although the woman didn't receive much of a response to her actions at the time, they would have severe consequences for her later.

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According to the BBC, she has since been found guilty of violence against an officer and could serve up to six months in jail as a result.

Taqaddas described the sentence as "unfair" and accused prosecutors of torturing her and forcing her to stay in Indonesia.

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In response, they said violence was not used against her, but that she was forcibly brought to court because she missed her appointment several times.

Taqaddas has since filed an appeal and her case remains ongoing.

But no matter how it turns out, the events captured in the full video have already proven how quickly a big mistake can grow even bigger when you don't keep your hands to yourself.

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