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Woman Takes Up Hiking In The Buff To Make Exes Jealous And Posts It All Online

Revenge can be all-consuming and ridiculously unhealthy, but it can also be a great motivator.

I'm not saying that doctors discovered insulin or penicillin out of a desire to show their exes what they were missing out on, but many folks out there have turned their lives around and gotten their acts together over a breakup-based wake-up call.

And then there's Megan Marie.

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Megan used revenge as a motivator to start something cool that has become much bigger and more important, and moved far beyond the pettiness that launched it.

Megan Marie is turning heads on Instagram with some cheeky posts. Pun intended.

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The posts, she says, are all about making her exes jealous.

Megan doesn't *exclusively* hike in the buff.

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Let's face it, that would have to get chilly, but when she does, she's sure to post a pic of herself taking in the scenery while providing some as well to her Instagram following.

The 35-year-old veterinary clinic manager only started her risqué treks into the wilderness in 2015.

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It started on a momentous trip with her sister.

She was getting over a breakup, but decided to go anyway.

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The pair made a two-week, 2,500 mile trip from Colorado to San Francisco, sleeping in tents and eating dehydrated food.

It sounds both fun and scary!

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"I was really nervous before going, thinking about all the things that might go wrong," she told The Sun.

But she had a great time!

"But we had such a blast, and afterwards I felt a rush of pride and excitement at having completed something that before had been so nerve-racking."

But she didn't start baring all until she already had a few hikes under her belt.

The next year, she and her sister went back to Big Sur, where she decided to make a big splash in a liberating moment facing the ocean.

She's not even completely sure why she did it.

"I suppose I was searching for something," she says, "freedom or independence — and I wanted to do something cool enough to make my exes jealous."

And we love that for her.

That first post took off, landing her hundreds of likes after she put it on her Instagram page.

So, naturally, she started taking more cheeky snaps of her jaunts into nature and sharing them with her followers.

She has attracted quite a crowd, with almost 30,000 followers now.

"I tried for ages to build up some sort of a following on Instagram with wildlife and landscape pictures, then as soon as I start posting pictures of my butt, it just takes off."

Weird how that works, eh?

It doesn't hurt that her captions almost always have some wonderful jabs at her own adventurousness.

And as her following has grown, her journey has taken on much more meaning than merely getting back at her exes.

"The trips have helped me tremendously with my own mental health, having suffered myself from depression," she says.

Which is awesome to hear!

And she knows that it's a bit odd.

"Of course, I know that it's an account full of bottom photos, but I feel that now I have such a following I should use that in a positive way to talk to people about important things."

Her system involves a good search to make sure no one is around before stripping down.

Then, with the coast clear, she'll usually take the pic with a tripod, or get her sister to take the snap.

As she says, it's not quite what it seems.

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"I really enjoy the excitement of being out in the open air without any clothes on and the adrenaline of seeing what I can get away with. But it's not at all in a sexual or erotic way, as I know some people must assume."

Always in tow is Megan's traveling companion, a schnauzer named Wembley.

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Her parents are less supportive of her posts, however. "When I told them they seemed quite disappointed in me and since then we haven't talked about it."

Nevertheless, it doesn't look like Megan has any intention of stopping anytime soon.

"I'd be lying if I said that there wasn't a part of me that enjoyed the attention of it all," she says. "But it makes me feel equally good to think that I have a platform from which I can communicate with people. It just so happens to be the case that that is through pictures of my naked butt."

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