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Cardi B's Instagram Rant Insists She Can't Get Her Monthly Bills Below $250K

Cardi B is not one to stay quiet when something bothers her.

Her latest rant involved her wealth, and while we can see where she's coming from, most fans are finding it hard to sympathize.

Cardi B is not one to live a modest lifestyle.

One quick look at her Instagram shows you just how lavishly she lives.

She's fully aware of how munch money she makes, and what she chooses to spend it on.

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But she was sick and tired of fans shaming celebrities who buy nice things.

"Who are you to tell people what to do with their hard-working [expletive] money," she began the rant.

She went on to explain that if you're an artist or celebrity, the IRS automatically takes "45% of your paycheck."

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Which basically meant that if a celeb took home $500,000, they have to make a million to start.

To be fair, every working person experiences this struggle, but not everyone gets $500,000 to walk home with at the end of the day.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2017 the median salary for a Millenial was $40,352.

That means that it would take more than 12 years to even make $500,000, and that's before taxes.

Cardi went on to say that she spends her money to take care of her whole family.

"And that's not tax reductable," she added.

On top of that, she said that "looking good for y'all," also costs money.

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"My bills is like, I'll say $300,000, $250,000 every single month. And I try to put it cheaper and it's just, it's not," she finished.

To me, this just says that she's getting scammed.

Clearly, the trainers, stylists, nutritionists, etc. that cater to celebrities are just overpricing their services and raking in the dough.

But if those celebrities are willing to pay, then why not charge them for it?

It gets extra odd when around the same time she shared an awkward financial meme.

While I understand that Cardi was struggling at one time, she isn't anymore.

So even though this meme is funny and relatable, it ends up seeming out of touch on her feed.

It's hard for people to relate to those struggles when most of us aren't making millions like Cardi is.

And naturally, a majority of fans didn't sympathize with her.

Like, how do you even spend that much money in a month?

Skimming her Instagram, you can see her hair change regularly, which isn't cheap to maintain. But not $200K!

It's pretty crazy to think about how much somebody must be earning when your monthly bills hover around the $300K range.

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Is anyone else curious to see a breakdown of those monthly expenses? I wonder what her Postmates bill is.

As for clothing and accessories, a lot of her posts appear to be ads.

Take the post above about the private jet. Why else would she have put #Reebok on that if it wasn't meant as an ad?

Which means she was given shoes and paid for the post.

That's the case for a lot of celebrity style.

Designers and brands often partner with them, meaning they get a ton of clothes for free.

So if her bills are still that high, what is she spending it on? And how much of her monthly income is that? We're so curious!

At the end of day, we can all be mad that Cardi is complaining about her lavish lifestyle.

But she still gets to fly around on private jets and live in a giant mansion, so I'm choosing to not think about it and direct my energy elsewhere. Join me, won't you?