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Fans Are Concerned After Matthew Perry Tweets He Got Kicked Out Of Therapy

Matthew Perry is definitely one of the most iconic actors of our generation.

A few days ago, he posted an alarming tweet to his 1.27 million followers and people were instantly concerned.

Matthew Perry is widely known as a pretty funny guy.


He's made us laugh in Friends, obviously, but his film and television work spans years, and it's clear that the guy is really talented.

Sadly, even the most talented of actors deal with mental health struggles.

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His history with addiction and depression is no secret, and Matthew has been rather open about it in previous interviews.

He admitted in 2016 that there were times he couldn't remember some of the seasons of "Friends" that he was in.

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Back in 1997, it was revealed that he had completed a 28-day program for a Vicodin addiction, as well as attended rehab for his drug and alcohol addiction, ET Canada reports.

In a recent tweet, he told fans that he had been kicked out of therapy.

The fact that it was blunt, to the point, and without any explanation, was alarming to his followers.

His fans were instantly concerned.

They filled his replies with plenty of tweets, wishing him only the best.

One fan reminded him how brilliant he was.

Matthew Perry is one of those actors who has dedicated so much of his life to making others happy, and in turn, they clearly care about him and only want to see him well.

It wasn't long later that Matthew tweeted again.

He put his fans at ease, explaining that he was only kicked out of one session, and that he's back in therapy where he belongs.

We're happy to hear that he's back in therapy and seemingly doing well.

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His tweet was a good reminder that mental illness doesn't discriminate and even the most successful people are dealing with things.