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Gay Man Buys Angry Homophobe's Groceries After His Card Is Declined

When asked to come up with one of the most inclusive places in the United States, Portland, Oregon immediately comes to mind. And not just because an entire sketch comedy show was based upon its unique community.

Still, the thing about generalizations is that they tend to leave people out.

Often when a community changes rapidly, there are still people left behind.

We may think of Portland as this bastion of free-trade artisanal coffee, vegan clothing, and love is love, but the community is more diverse, and divisive, than that.

And when people feel left behind, they often lash out.

That's what happened to Portland resident Matt Dorio during a seemingly normal grocery shop.

Facebook | Matt Dorio

While I tend to be the type to wear headphones and avoid eye contact, I do understand that for some people it's normal to have a short conversation while in line for the cashier.

But this wasn't a friendly chat about the weather.


In a Facebook post, Matt set the stage by explaining that he was wearing his favorite Portland Trail Blazers Pride Sweatshirt, which was noticed by an older man in line behind him in the line.

I've been complimented on my clothing while shopping, but the old man wasn't admiring.

Facebook | Matt Dorio

"'Why are you wearing that rainbow shirt? Are you some sort of fa****?'" Matt describes him as asking, completely out of the blue.

I mean, how do you even respond to something like that?

Matt proved to be 1000% more chill about it than most people would be.

Facebook | Matt Dorio

He replied, "Well sir, I am a gay man yes. And I wear this to show people that I am not only proud of myself and my community, but also the organization I work for who supports Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.”

Sadly, the man didn't care about the reasons.

"Have fun in hell homo, hope you’re proud of the choice you decided to make," was his response. According to Matt, the man continued to mutter homophobic stuff under his breath, but Matt chose to ignore him.

As Matt walked away with his groceries, he noticed the man's card get declined.

Facebook | Matt Dorio

And instead of enjoying the schadenfreude, Matt returned to the cashier and paid for the man's few items.

Clearly taken aback, the man demanded to know why he would do such a thing.

The reason he gave is beautiful.

Facebook | Matt Dorio

"Well sir," he said, "unlike my sexuality, which is not a choice...I’m choosing to be a nice person."

The point about choice is very important here, since it really is something a lot of people still don't seem to understand.

Matt didn't stop there, though.

Facebook | Matt Dorio

"I hope you find it in your heart to understand your words can be hurtful, but I’m choosing to see you for the person you are, and I wanted to help you."

Unfortunately, this didn't end in high fives and hugs.

Rather, the man didn't respond at all and Matt simply walked away. He had rendered the man speechless with his words and act of generosity.

After posting his story, he got a ton of great comments!

Facebook | Matt Dorio

Many were simply full of thanks and delight over Matt's act. Most admitted that they didn't think that they could have been such a class act if faced with the same situation.

Other's heaped on the praise even more and gave shout outs to his parent's too.

"Wow just wow Matt Dorio!" commented one woman, "You are a fine young man with core values and a kind heart. You took a negative person and their negative opinions and acted with kindness in spite of it. Aggie Dorio I know you are proud of your amazing son. And many other are too! A fine example of human kindness. The world needs more Matts!"

The post has quickly gone viral, being shared across the internet and even on news broadcasts.

Facebook | Matt Dorio

Which is hardly surprising when you consider how rare true kindness is these days.

And it doesn't hurt that Matt has the most infectious smile I've ever scene.

He ended his story with the perfect moral too.

"Take the high road people. Be the better person and show people that hate is never the answer. Be brave, stand up and kill them with kindness."

You said it, Matt!

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