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Watch The Heartwarming Moment Boy Born With No Arms And Legs Takes First Steps

Life will always present you with some challenges no matter who you are. But for some people, those challenges will start earlier than for others.

As many doctors will tell you, it's not unheard of for children to end up in a position where they start adjusting to a major condition as soon as they're born.

And a short video from one Texas family shows just how powerful that ability to adjust can be.

Even before four-year-old Camden was born, his mother was worried about what life would hold for him.

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According to People, she learned that he wouldn't be born with any arms or legs when she was 18 weeks pregnant.

And so, he would be diagnosed with amelia-phocomelia syndrome when he entered the world.

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According to the Journal of Clinical Genetics, this is a combination of rare genetic disorders that can result in missing limbs and facial clefting.

As Camden's mom, Kate Whiddon, told People, "I thought that he would just be a vegetable … I didn’t know what to expect. I had just turned 19 and I didn’t know, 'Am I gonna be able to be good enough for him?'"

However, those worries started to fade when Camden turned two months old.

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Out of the corner of her eye, Whiddon noticed him hitting toys with his arms.

As she said, "I started to cry, I was just so happy and that confirmed that he was gonna be able to do things."

It wasn't long before Camden started finding new ways to confirm that truth even further.

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When he was still a baby, he started learning to lift his head, roll over, and throw the toys he was hitting earlier.

Whiddon told People, "I had so many doubts at first, but he’s just shown me how I don’t need to doubt him."

And on Sunday, a video captured Camden meeting yet another new challenge by taking his first steps.

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As Whiddon's boyfriend, Cole Greene, coaches the toddler through his steps, Camden scoots toward him.

While the excited boy approaches Greene, he says, “I’m coming to you, I’m walking!”

All the while, Camden's three-year-old sister, Ryleigh, looks on.

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And when the boy reaches Greene, Ryleigh begins jumping up and down in ecstasy.

As Whiddon told People, "I didn’t know when that day would come. I didn’t think he was ready for it yet and I was just so shocked and happy."

Based on Whiddon's words, Camden has already given her some good reasons to feel proud and hopeful for his future.

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She said, "Call it mother’s intuition, but I feel like he’s gonna be one of those motivational speakers and now, giving him the exposure will give him a platform so when he’s ready to speak for himself he will have people who actually want to listen to him and care about what he has to say."

And of course, you can also witness the moment that Whiddon said she's been waiting four years to experience yourself.

It's hard not to cheer on every step between his tentative start and his careful fall into Greene's arms.

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