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Newly Released Pics Of The Final Season Of 'Game of Thrones' Are Spicy AF

HBO just released some hot promo pics for the final season of Game Of Thrones, and lemme start by saying I am very emo about it all.

The emotions are bittersweet because GOT fans have been waiting for what seems like forever for season 8, but sad because it's the end of an era, ya know?

The pictures have fans gagging at the drama.

Every cast member portrait shows them staring off into the distance like a soap opera, and I'm living for the drama. Take for example, this still of Lady of Winterfell.

Honestly everyone just looks pissed off, which is a vibe.

HBO | Helen Sloan

I mean, this is everyone's face who has been patiently waiting since SUMMER OF 2017 FOR THIS ISH!

This is also just Cersei's face at all times — unless she's like, kissing her brother.

Ayra Stark is so grown up and giving me all the feels.

HBO | Helen Sloan

If it feels like time has stood still since the season 7 finale, Maisie Williams is here to remind us it absolutely has not!

People are loosing their damn minds over the stills of Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow.

Probably because we can all feel allllll the sexual tension through our phone screens right now.

Some people are ready to throw the whole damn show out if they don't get the CONTENT they've been waiting for!


Is this the ultimate GOT stan couple, tho? Twitter is divided.

Their baby would be the ultimate warrior, no?

But all these smexy pics have fans wondering, where's the trailer at?!

April 14th isn't that far off, and even though fans have been sooooooo patient thus far, enough is enough!

Regardless of what rationings HBO gives us and when, we're all dying (lol) to see what season 8 will bring.

It's only 65 days away!