Pottery Barn Kids

We Need This Disney Princess Tea Set To Be Part Of Our World

Like it or not, Disney has become part of the very foundations of our culture, especially as they continue to swallow up all of our favorite franchises.

But even as they become the owners of the Muppets, Marvel, Star Wars, etc. their princesses will always be popular.

Besides toys, the Disney Princess brand has expanded to include all sorts of things.

From clothing, to stationery, to household goods, someone has slapped a princess on it somewhere.

Unfortunately, I've always found a lot of the products to be garish colors or cheaply made.

And then I found the Disney Princess collection at Pottery Barn Kids.

Pottery Barn Kids

Instead of crazy bright colors and cheap-looking materials, their products are simple and elegant.

They haven't just taken the standard Disney artwork and stuck it on a pillow; rather, the items feature unique artwork in an illustrative style.

I would have loved to have options like these as a kid.

Pottery Barn Kids

Of course, I kind of want to buy them all now even though I'm a (supposed) grown-up.

I just love how the muted colors keep the childlike designs subtle, and they all work so well together.

I probably shouldn't redecorate my whole bedroom, though... I guess.

Pottery Barn Kids

But you can darn well be sure that one of these incredible jewelry boxes is already in my online shopping cart. The detail is gorgeous and I just can't say no to the Belle version. Such pretty beading!

But the star of their whole collection is this amazing porcelain tea set.

Pottery Barn Kids

It comes with a lovely pale pink teapot and four cups and saucers, each pair featuring a different princess.

Though, I kind of think they missed an opportunity to make the teapot look more like Mrs. Potts.

Each cup and saucer is colored to match its princess.

Pottery Barn Kids

And inside is a cute illustration of her, ready to be revealed as you sip your tea.

I don't usually associate Ariel with pink, but since Jasmine gets the pale aqua color and red would be too dark for this set, I think it's a nice compromise.

The gold rim and handle really go beautifully with Cinderella's blue.

Pottery Barn Kids

I'm less sold by the choice to pair gold with yellow on the Belle cup, but yellow is obviously Belle's color and the shade they picked is lovely. It manages not to clash the way a lot of shades would.

Of course, a porcelain tea set isn't the most practical for the younger kids.

Pottery Barn Kids

The listing even states that it's meant for people eight or older. Luckily, the catalog also has this cute table setting that features the same artwork and non-breakable materials.

What do you think? I definitely love the whole tea set to pieces, but the blue and gold Cinderella cup is probably my favorite.