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Lady Gaga Got Caught Lurking At Someone's Phone And It's The Best Meme Yet

Avery Gillis 7 Feb 2019

Maybe you love Lady Gaga, or maybe you can't stand her.

Either way, the latest meme is such a relatable mood, and we're very much into it.

She was caught looking at someone's phone, and we've all been there.

So other day day, Gaga was attending the 91st Oscar Nominees Luncheon.

Getty Images | Kevork Djansezian

Obviously, she's been nominated for a billion different awards since A Star Is Born came out last year.

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At the luncheon, they called each and every nominee onto the stage for a "class photo".

YouTube | Oscars

Which sounds cool, but they called everybody up one name at a time, which seems like a waste of time but okay.

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One person on Twitter was paying close attention to the luncheon event, and noticed something pretty hilarious.

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They called out Lady Gaga for looking over at some guy's phone.

And it wasn't even a quick glance in the phone's direction.

She looked at his screen for five whole seconds.

I counted.

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People found it extremely relatable.

Don't sit there and tell me that your relationship is healthy and you've never glanced at your partner's phone even just one time.

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Some imagined what that guy could possibly be doing on his phone at such an important event.

Twitter | @creationofgodga

Same though.

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I mean, she was probably wondering why he was on his phone at all.

If you can't put your phone away while you're being honored as an Oscar Nominee, when can you?

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By the way, that guy's name is RaMell Ross.

Getty Images | Amy Sussman

He was nominated for best Documentary Feature: Hale County This Morning, This Evening.

Maybe if he wins, he'll put his phone away to give his acceptable speech. Time will tell!

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