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'Dirty Dancing' Will Return To Theaters For A Two-Day Valentine's Event

mason.zimmer 6 Feb 2019

Every now and then, it can be easy to feel a little FOMO about exciting events of the past that we were born a little too late to experience.

At its extreme, this feeling can lead people to feel as though they were born in the wrong generation and that's never a fun road to go down. Still, that doesn't mean I'm going to pretend I wouldn't have liked to see Nirvana live or that my mom doesn't wish she was just a little older when Woodstock was going on.

But any young romantics who wish they could find out what the '80s were like can at least get a little taste of their dream with one brief, upcoming event.

On Sunday, February 10, folks who always wanted to see the 1987 classic "Dirty Dancing" on the big screen will finally have their shot.

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According to Forbes, a partnership by Lionsgate and a content provider called Fathom Events has made this widespread screening and a follow-up on February 13th possible.

So yes, it's just in time for Valentine's Day.

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Fathom Events is known for bringing prestigious stage performances to the big screen, but they also give retro movies another shot in theaters.

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For instance, next month will also see the return of an '80s classic because they're set to celebrate the 35th anniversary of The Karate Kid.

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But of course, the longer a movie has been out, the more we hear about it in the years since.

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For instance, despite how great the chemistry between Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze is in the movie, some viewers might feel a little bit of the magic drift away because they heard the two stars didn't like each other off-camera.

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And, well, it is true that Grey didn't think the pairing would work that well when Swayze did his screen tests.

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As she told Glamour, "I didn't think we had chemistry. But you either do or you don't. It's a weird thing, though. It doesn't have to do with whether you like someone or not."

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But to say that any of this means the two didn't like each other isn't quite telling the whole story.

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As Grey would later tell The Hollywood Reporter, "He smelled really good, his skin was really nice. He was really strong and he was very protective and his heart was very much in it...He was a great dancer and he was fearless. His fearlessness with my fearfulness — like his lack of Jewishness and my super Jewishness — together was like a marriage where you have two opposites. He'd do anything and I'd be scared to do anything."

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Although the movie would see some smashing success very quickly, it almost didn't get made.


As Forbes reported, the studio in charge of it kept changing heads, so Baby actually was left in the corner for several years.

But whoever rescued it didn't have to wait long to be proven right as it would go on to gross $214 million with a $6 million budget (not adjusted for inflation) and nabbed an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

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Neither its love story nor its soundtrack seemed to fall out of favor as the movie aged, either.

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It would go on to inspire a stage musical that boasted sold out productions throughout North America, Europe and Australia.

Never underestimate the power of quotability.

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Of course, it also spawned a poorly-received sequel and a disappointing remake, but let's not focus on those right now.

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Since Fathom Events and Lionsgate are just bringing back the original instead of a movie marathon that starts strong and ends terribly, let's do the same.

h/t: Forbes

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