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Mom Who Had Miscarriage Shocked When Son 'Proves' He Is Her Reincarnated Son

Being a kid is all about exploring and discovering the world you've suddenly found yourself in. And in the process of doing that, a child can end up developing some unusual theories about how the world works. This is particularly true in the case of how it works for them.

For instance, there was definitely a period where I was convinced I had psychic powers. I also once claimed to remember my own birth, but since my mom told me what did and didn't happen on that day when I said this, I soon realized that I was probably remembering a dream.

The current story tests even the most skeptical of readers.

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This child's eerie tale of events that happened before he was born happened to line up very closely with what his mother had actually experienced.

Before Laura Mazza of Australia had her first child, she experienced a miscarriage.

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As she said in an Instagram post, "I remember having a positive pregnancy test and then a few days later bad pains and a heavy period. I wasn’t sure what it was, and only now that I’m wiser I have an idea."

However, it wasn't long after that when Mazza became pregnant with her son, Luca.

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She said, "I knew Luca had walked this earth before. I could just tell the way he looked. Like a little old man."

Some of the child's behavior also convinced her that he's an "old soul."

She said part of it comes from him being wise and funny, but also from singing along to old songs he never would've heard before.

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But for her, the biggest confirmation of this suspicion came one night when he asked her a question during bath time.

The exchange started simply enough with Luca asking, "Mummy, do we live in Australia?"

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She answered that they did, to which he replied, "I didn't. I lived in your tummy." Mazza agreed before repeating that he now lived in Australia.

With his next statement, he clarified what he meant: "Yes mummy, I lived in your tummy... I was there, but then I died."

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Understandably, this caught his mother off guard. He might have been wise and funny, he might even sing along to old songs — but there’s no way he knew what had happened before he arrived here.

Mazza couldn't believe what she was hearing, but Luca continued.

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He said, "I came to your tummy and then I died. I went looking for you but I couldn’t find you, I went to your house, I went everywhere but you couldn’t hear me when I called you, so then I was sad, but then I became an angel."

But as Luca told it, He didn't want to be an angel because he missed his mom too much.

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As he put it, "I missed you so I wanted to come back to you so then I was a baby in your tummy again and then I was born again."

“I wasn’t in heaven I was in Australia and then I was your baby again... “ he told her.

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“Now I’m happy I am your baby again and I’m happy I can grow up now." he concluded.

This must have come as a serious shock to Mazza, both because of his insight, and from recalling the trauma of experiencing a miscarriage.

Mazza said that upon hearing this, she just stared at him and cried. She hadn't recalled ever talking to him about angels or her miscarriage.

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As far as she could tell, this proved that babies know who they want to be their parents before the parents even know they exist.

As she put it, "They really do choose us and their souls are always with us in this life or the next."

Another possibility is that Mazza simply has an incredibly perceptive child on her hands.

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Mazza understandably didn't see much reason to mention what she went through to a four-year-old.

However, a person who's as close to somebody as a child is to their mother can pick up on fairly subtle clues in their body language that Mazza may not have even realized she was leaving.

After all, you don't necessarily need to have heard a song before to get the hang of how you're supposed to sing it.

Whatever the case may be — if Luca was reincarnated, or simply has a wild imagination — there's one thing for sure.

Mazza has three beautiful children, and she seems to be doing a great job of raising them to be inquisitive, thoughtful, and full of wonder.

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