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Demi Lovato Faces Intense Backlash After Laughing At 21 Savage Deportation

Demi Lovato thought she was laughing at a meme that had made its rounds, but instead, she faced some pretty intense backlash.

If you need help following along with the drama, don't worry — we gotchu.

Let's jump right to it.

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This is rapper 21 Savage.

A few days ago, TMZ reported that he was arrested by ICE after apparently entering the U.S. legally in 2005 but his visa had since expired and is now reportedly here illegally.

Many fans had no idea that 21 Savage was originally from the U.K., including Demi Lovato.

Instagram | @ddlovato

She laughed at one of the many memes that was going around about this revelation, but it completely backfired.

As a result, Demi faced some pretty intense backlash.

Instagram | @ddlovato

People crossed the line, and in several posts that Demi shared on Instagram, we can see that she was being made fun of for her drug addiction — all because she laughed at a meme.

She made it clear that she was laughing at the fact that she didn't know 21 Savage was British.

Instagram | @ddlovato

It's pretty sad to see so many people resorting to making fun of her addiction and OD.

Even though she clarified that she wasn't making fun of anything to do with his deportation, she still apologized.

Instagram | @ddlovato

A nice enough gesture.

Unfortunately, the backlash was just too much for Demi, and she ultimately decided to leave Twitter.

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I'm sure she'll be back at some point, but clearly taking a break is what she needs right now.

Bebe Rexha had been keeping an eye on the drama, and wasn't here for the backlash that Demi faced.

Twitter | @BebeRexha

She took to her own Twitter to stand up for her.

Demi's Twitter exit is a good reminder that it's okay to be upset, or disagree with something you see online.

But there are ways to communicate those feelings, and roasting someone for their addiction just ain't it fam.

Let's do better.