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These Raw Photos Of Parents Before And After They Had Kids Are Too Real

Parents, remember how before you became a parent, you told yourself you'd never let yourself go?

Let's all look back on that time and laugh... or cry, whatever feels more natural.

Yes, parenthood changes you and now we have the photos from the Instagram account Got Toddelered to prove it.

These before and after photos of parents are probably really relatable and maybe even a little too real.

From blushing bride to sticker mom.

Your kids probably have tons of dolls they could give makeovers to but of course, they prefer you. Remind me to never buy stickers for my son.

Say goodbye to the party girl.

Remember those carefree days when you could party all night? They are gone — long gone. Now you get to stay up all night but it's not as much fun.

Is that... egg?

I swear, there isn't a day that goes by where I don't find some sort of food stain or gunk on my clothes. Sigh. Parenthood is gross.

Living the dream.

Something I've learned about babies since having one is that they have a lot of different bodily fluids: spit-up, vomit, drool — and that's just what comes out of their mouths.

I miss brunch.

Remember getting brunch and mimosas with friends on your lazy Sundays? I'm telling you, getting brunch is the first thing on my bucket list when my son eventually moves out (in approximately 18 years).

This pretty much sums up motherhood.

After growing and nurturing that baby inside you for 40 weeks, how do they pay you back? By picking your nose. Gee, thanks.

Another parent falls victim to stickers.

What I'm gathering is that stickers are a parent's worst enemy. Just don't buy them for your kids, unless you want to end up like this poor dad.

Seems about right.

Instagram | @gottoddelered

Remember when you used to dress up and go out? Honestly, my idea of fun these days is getting more than five consecutive hours of sleep and maybe squeezing in an episode of Friends before bed.

Even the animals aren’t safe from gettin’ “toddlered.”

It's a rough life after kids, but nothing says "love" like a baby riding a dog!

We used to cradle bottles... and now we cradle babies.

It's fine I suppose. There are always those rare moments between baby cradling sessions where we can sip the sweet nectars of our old pal, the wine bottle.

This guy went from having fighting hands to family hands.

I think every parent can attest to the fact that once you have children, it's not feasible to continue with dangerous or risky hobbies — at least not often.

From a player to a pedistal... for baby bums.

If you tap the right arrow buttons, you'll see a classic transformation from socialite to very light on the social.

You win some, you lose most.

Being puked on is definitely a rite of passage as a parent — and then it slowly becomes part of the everyday struggle. See his expression? He doesn't even care anymore!

Just passing on important traditions.

Not everything we do is worth sharing with our kids, but a love for animals? Why not?! Tap the right arrow to see her baby carrying on the tradition.

From floatin' on the ocean to becoming a part of the ocean.

No one warned us that we'd have to dress up as every single character our babies liked for Halloween. Remember being a sexy cat? Yeah — I miss that.

Party time to potty time.

Somehow we've kept every single aspect of our youthful Saturday nights the same, but repurposed them — late nights, vomit, bodily fluids, bags under our eyes... The list goes on.

That’s one helluva ride.

Maybe this is an inspirational moment — that dream car you've always wanted? Maybe it's within you. Maybe you ARE the dream car. Think about it.

Because your kid just NEEDS that toy. And that one. And that one.

Oh wait, they’ve forgotten about all of them now that they see your phone!

At the end of the day, a good ol’ meme really encapsulates what happens when we have kids.

This is just the life we've chosen! And, you know what, we love it — or, we at least love our kids.

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