Men 'Sorry' For Forcing A Man To Strip In Freezing Weather, Putting It On Facebook

You know, I'm well aware that none of us is perfect, myself included. And I'd like to think that when I mess up, even in the most spectacular ways, it's a) not with any kind of malicious intent, and b) something I'm willing to own up to and take responsibility for. Also, not something I would ever cause harm with and then broadcast on social media.

Now, I will give these guys the smallest amount of credit for owning up to what they did. But man, the thing they did was awful.

Two men in Virginia are apologizing after forcing a man to undress in front of a 7-Eleven while they put it on Facebook Live.


The men, Charles Mckoy and Heath Williams, approached the man, identified by the store's manager as a local with possible mental health issues, and laughed and hollered as they tormented him, WAVY reported.

On the video, which has since been deleted, the men can be heard saying things like "Hurry up, I want that jacket, I need those pants too, give me those pants."


They left the man shivering in his underwear in 18 degree F (-7 C) weather at about 4 a.m. It's unknown what happened to the victim afterwards.

The men don't deny their actions were wrong.


They say they had been out drinking at a club and were inspired by a YouTube video to carry out their heinous act.

But, when they sobered up in the morning, they realized just how awful what they had done was.

"It was very childish and like I said, I'm sorry and willing to do what it takes to make up for it," Mckoy told WAVY.


"I truly apologize and I'm sincere about this from the bottom of my heart," Williams added. They both say this incident was out of character for them.

Williams and Mckoy say they've been trying to track the man down to apologize properly and in person.


"Hopefully I get to see him personally and he can see the remorse, personally, from me himself," Mckoy says.

"We have bags of clothes in the trunk for him," Williams says. "We even went to where he lives, but no one answered the door. We called. No one picked the phone up."


Meanwhile, local police said they're looking into the matter, but it's unclear whether any charges could result.

Here's hoping they didn't do any lasting damage!

h/t WAVY