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Woman Discovers The Blood Donor Who Saved Her Life 11 Years Earlier Was Her Bf

Love at first sight has always seemed a bit hokey to me, at best. I mean, it would be a nice thing to believe in, and I'm sure it has happened to some people, but for most of us, I'm pretty sure it doesn't work like that.

Stranger things have happened than two people knowing at first glance that they never want to be apart again, I suppose. But usually love takes time and learning and nurturing to grow over time. However, the story of the couple below might just have you believing in love that was meant to be.

Eleven years ago, Taiwan's Lin Xiaofen was in a bad way.

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As China Times reported, she was at death's door and needed 10 pints of blood and two of someone's isolated platelets to live.

Obviously, it was a traumatic incident, and she didn't tell her current boyfriend, Lian, about it right away.

Lin and Lian met seven years after her medical difficulties when she moved to take over her family's business.

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They hit it off instantly. They both said they felt an almost telepathic connection right from the start, and they've been together since then.

Lin recently opened up to Lian about her incident, and when she did, he asked a question that got her thinking.

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"Could it be my blood that you used?" Lian wondered.

He meant it as a joke, and it seems highly unlikely, but he had been a blood donor in the area around that time, so it wasn't impossible.

Her curiosity piqued, Lin reached out to the clinic she had received the blood from to see if they could figure out who the blood had come from.

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Blood donation clinics tend not to give that kind of info out, but Lin persisted and eventually the staff relented.

They checked the donor's ID number against their records and, sure enough, Lian's name came up. Seven years before the two even met, he had saved her life.

Lian was just as shocked as Lin to hear the news.

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Now, the pair are using their incredible story to encourage others to donate blood, saying that "you might have a chance to save your future wife."

Whether you think fate or coincidence brought them together, it's hard to argue with that!

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What are the chances, right?

It's so cool that they're actually using the story to encourage everyone to donate. You may just save your future partner's life.