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Beyoncé Is Offering Fans A Lifetime Supply Of Concert Tickets If They Go Vegan

Some people would say that it's Beyoncé's world, and we're just living in it.

After the announcement of her latest contest that's sure to have a major impact, I'm convinced that this is true.

If you follow Beyoncé on Instagram, you might have seen her latest post.

She spoke about Greenprint and how she's leaving a positive impact in the world by eating plant-based meals and meatless-Mondays.

Fans couldn't help but notice the one very important detail about her post.

If they joined her in leaving a Greenprint, they could win tickets to any of her shows for LIFE.

Of course, Twitter went pretty crazy after discovering this contest.

Obviously, everyone is here for eating all the plants. Tickets to Bey's concerts aren't cheap!

As a big admirer of chicken wings, I'd have to think long and hard about entering this contest.

But that's the influence that Queen Bey has!

You know that people are really going to do this without thinking twice.

There's obviously a huge trust component to this contest.

There's no way to monitor how much or little meat a person is eating, but the hope is that the contest winners actually tried to leave a Greenprint.

For some, going vegan is a bit of a challenge.

Not everyone likes plant-based meals, okay???

Don't even talk to me about Brussels sprouts, I don't want to hear that they're good with butter and garlic.

Of course, there are those who really aren't here for it.

Some people have been and always will be meat-lovers, and that's cool too.

You can always just save up and buy concert tickets and stuff enjoy shawarma.

Are you going to try going vegan for Beyoncé?

Hey, maybe you already are vegan, and in that case, you better enter this contest ASAP!