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Mom Posts Pic Of Keys To New House After Leaving Abusive Marriage 7 Years Earlier

When we go through a dark chapter in our lives, it can sometimes become hard to believe that things will ever change. Whether the problem is debt, addiction, or an abusive relationship, the combination of the weight of the problem and the time spent going through it can be as disheartening as it gets.

After all, not only does the situation feel like a trap, but it also feels like the new normal.

However, it's important to remember that no matter how hard it seems, finding a way out is still possible. And when things get difficult, it helps to have a reminder of that.

Seven years ago, Megan Lee was in the middle of making a major change in her life.

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She had just escaped an abusive marriage and returned to her parents' house with her six-month-old son.

The more she shared about that situation, the bigger a relief it was to hear that she got out.

She said the abuse was emotional, psychological, and sexual, but also involved attempts at financial control on his part.

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As she posted on Reddit, her support network had told her that her ex had masked his true nature when they met.

The realization that they were right, coupled with his abuse, alcoholism, and drug addiction, gave her that push she needed to leave.

And once she got out, she got busy following her true ambitions.


She worked to establish herself as an artist and her art carries the common theme of celebrating science. Her work also has to do with her love of books and geek culture in general.

And it seems that her hard work has paid off because her art started to make her a living.

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As she said on Reddit, she paid a share of the rent, utilities and other expenses when she lived with her parents and uses her art to pay her bills now.

Now, eight years later, her passion has brought her enough success that she and her son moved into their first house together.

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For some of the people who commented on her post, that aspect was almost as impressive as her journey at large.

As Reddit user keepcalmandFREAKOUT said, "You can be an artist and own a house? How?"

Other sharp-eyed users also noticed that her son's eyes had changed color over the years.

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As Megan explained, this often happens with young children because light stimulates melanin production after a baby is born, which can often make their eyes darken over time.

So yeah, it's no surprise that she makes her art about science.

Her son also seems to have some creative ambitions of his own.

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As Megan posted on Facebook, he recently told her that he wants to be a game designer, so she made this shirt for him.

It'll be pretty cool to see what he ends up coming up with.

Megan's progress attracted a lot of congratulations on Reddit, but it also provided some hope for those going through what she managed to escape.

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She left one of them some some words of encouragement, saying, "Best wishes to you. What helped me solidify my decision to leave was reading that love is an ACTION, Forget any words of love from an abuser. Look at their actions. Also, the book was But He Never Hit Me by Dr. Jill Murray and I highly recommend it.

I had family to help me leave, but if you don't have anyone nearby, there is an abuse hotline that can help with making a plan to safety 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)"

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