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Thanks To These Earrings, You'll Never Lose Your AirPods Again

Even though Apple is releasing new products all the time, that doesn't stop people from coming up with their own tech designs.

Thanks to one innovative designer, AirPod earrings are a thing. Not only will these earrings stop you from losing your AirPods, but they also look super stylish.

Take a look at this new tech trend.

By now you know what AirPods are.

These wireless earbuds were met with some criticism when they were first released, but are now selling out everywhere.

Once again, Apple has us emptying our wallets for their products.

The earbuds have also become a meme.

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Not gonna lie, I LOL'd at this when I saw it. People absolutely love ripping on the design of these and their high price-point.

And because of their steep price, people have also been coming up with their own DIY creations.

AirPods cost about $160, while a box of Q-tips cost like, what, $3? I think I know which one I would go with.

If you are lucky enough to own a real pair of AirPods, then your number one fear is probably losing them.

That's where Gabrielle Reilly's genius idea comes in.

The 22-year-old from Virginia came up with a way to wear your AirPods so that you'll never lose them.

Gabrielle unveiled these AirPod earrings on Twitter and the internet lost its mind.

Gabrielle, who identifies as non-binary, said the earrings were originally a joke, but a "functional joke".

"I refuse to lose my AirPods because my tragus earring tends to push earbuds out since they can't sit right in my ear," they said to Diply in a Twitter message.

People were quick to praise this innovative design and absolutely loving this concept.

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Since debuting the AirPod earrings online, the original video tweet has been re-tweeted over 47,000 times, to the delight of Gabrielle.

"I was so surprised. I'm still surprised. But I'm very grateful for all the support," they said.

Some people might even buy AirPods now that these earrings exist.

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I don't own AirPods, but I would wear these earrings as an accessory. I like things that are stylish and functional.

If you want a pair of these earrings for yourself, you're in luck.


Gabrielle is selling them through their website deadanimemom for $20.

They said they plan on designing and releasing more jewelry in the future, too. Congrats, Gabrielle! We can't wait to see what you come up with next.