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Ariana Grande Misspelled Her New Japanese Tattoo And The Translation Is So Cringe

Ariana Grande is known for getting tattoos that may be a bit unorthodox, but fans are absolutely roaring after her latest blunder that is just too cringe-worthy to ignore.

Ariana Grande is no stranger to tattoos.

Last year, she got inked in honor of her then-fiancé, Pete Davidson.

They had only been dating for a couple of weeks, but she clearly had no problem with it.

To celebrate the drop of her latest single, she got some ink in Japanese.

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It was supposed to read "7 Rings", the title of her song.

And first of all, ouch.

There's a reason why most of us don't get tattoos on the palms of our hands and that's because it's seriously painful, but anyway.

Naturally, fans liked the new ink, but wanted to know what the tattoo said.

Hey, not all of us know how to read Japanese.

And those who do know how to read Japanese, explained that it translated into something not even close to "7 Rings"


This, sweet friends, is a Shichirin. Just chilling and grilling some hot dogs on what appears to be a gravel road.

Wikimedia | Shichirin

MMMMMM, meaty vibes.

Do Ari's fingers look like hot dogs on a Shichirin in this pic? Hmmm. Interesting.

Anyway, back to business.

Ariana had a good sense of humor, and owned up to it in a now-deleted comment.

"Indeed, I left out “つの指” which should have gone in between. It hurt like [expletive] n still looks tight. I wouldn’t have lasted one more symbol lmao. But this spot also peels a ton and won’t last so if I miss it enough I’ll suffer thru the whole thing next time,” she explained.

"Also…. huge fan of tiny bbq grills," she added.

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I mean, hey - who doesn't love a cute BBQ grill from time to time?

Seriously though, I have a funny feeling that Ariana had no idea what her tattoo was really saying.

She wanted it, and she got it, that's for damn sure.

But like... fans still don't understand why Ariana had to get the Japanese lettering at all.

This isn't the first time that she's been accused of appropriating Japenese culture to promote her music, and something tells me that it won't be the last.

Unfortunately, the mix up between Chinese and Japanese culture is far too common, and Ari's tattoo isn't doing the common error any favors.

In fact, cultural appropriation is something Ariana has been accused of several times, most recently for her 7 Rings music video.

In an effort to patch things up, Ari went BACK under the needle to try to salvage her tattoo later on that day.

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The text reads "slightly better. thanks to my tutor for helping me fix and to @kanenavasard for being a legend. and to my doctor for the lidocaine shots (no joke). rip tiny charcoal grill. miss u man. i actually really liked u."

This should mean sweet relief, right?! Thank GAWSH her palm doesn't read "tiny BBQ grill" anymore, amrite??

Really dodged a bullet there, eh?

JUST KIDDING. The tattoo is now arguably worse than before.

According to Twitter user @eimiyamamitsu, the edited tattoo now reads "Japanese BBQ finger."

Oh no. Sweet baby Jesus, why is this happening right now? Haven't we suffered enough?

Who is this tutor and why does she want Ari to just throw the whole damn hand away?

As potentially offensive and cringey as the tattoo is, it is still making the internet laugh.

Who would have ever thought Kingsford Charcoal and Ariana Grande would have things in common?

However, it's clear that Ari meant no harm by getting the tattoo.

Having an open and honest discourse when things like this happen is the only way for us to really learn!