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People Post Ostomy Photos To Remember 10-Year-Old Who Took Own Life After Bullying

January 29, 2019

For people living with a medical condition that necessitates an ostomy bag, life isn't easy. For kids who have ostomy bags, it's hard to even imagine how much judgment and bullying they get from their peers for being different. While this story is tragic, the solidarity is pretty inspiring.

This is Seven Bridges.


Seven lived with a chronic bowel condition, which led to a colostomy, which necessitated an ostomy bag. The bag is quite a hard thing to effectively hide, and in Seven's case, it leaked waste. He endured bullying and taunts from his classmates as a result.

Sadly, the bullying was too much.


Seven died by suicide at the young age of ten. You can read his family's story and maybe donate a few bucks to his memory at this GoFundMe page. His family is grieving, upset at the school district, but they're coping.

Here's where the story takes a turn.

Instagram | @lapetitecrohnie

This is Stephanie, a New Yorker who lives with Crohn's disease (give her an Insta follow @lapetitecrohnie). As you can see, she also needs to wear an ostomy bag due to her condition.

Stephanie saw Seven's story and took action.

Instagram | @lapetitecrohnie

Saddened by his suicide, Stephanie decided to work toward ending the stigma surrounding ostomy bags. She shared her experience with feeling ashamed by her bag and marked her post (and her bag!) with the hashtag #bagsoutforseven.

The hashtag took off.

Instagram | @lapetitecrohnie

Most people probably aren't aware of how many people wear ostomy bags. This is probably because those who wear them go to great lengths to hide them from judging eyes.

Seven's story hit close to home for many.

Instagram | @chefswithhart

One Instagrammer shared this pic of their ten-year-old noting that their son is the same age that Seven was. "As parents who must have fought so hard just to keep their child alive, losing their son in this tragic way seems incredibly unfair," they wrote.

The story combines a few themes.

Instagram | @sweetiepine

It's good to get ostomy bags out into the open to curb the stigma, but it's important to consider the effects of bullying on mental health. This poster notes that Seven was the eighth kid to die by suicide in his school district this year.

Here's how to be supportive.

Instagram | @morganskyetaylor

Morgan posted this pic, along with a story about when she was diagnosed with Crohn's: "When I was in year 12 and had my operation for my ostomy all my friends were amazing and never let me feel any different."

It isn't easy to wear an ostomy bag.

Instagram | @cancerwarriorcolostomyqueen

Hopefully the social stigma part will fade with time, but there's the undeniable fact that any condition that necessitates an ostomy bag is the type of condition that can wreak havoc on the body.

Lots of kids need ostomy bags.

Instagram | @rowans_reality

The Insta account @rowans_reality documents the life of Rowan, who lives with a number of conditions, along with an ostomy bag. That's a pretty cool looking ostomy bag in any case!

Some had a message for the haters.

Instagram | @ jak.mukoviszidose.faultier

This user had a not-so-sly message to those who dare to judge someone's medical condition. "My bag is a part of me," he wrote in an earnest post accompanying this pic.

People with ostomy bags are just regular people.

Instagram | @carolinebramwell

It's not a freakish abnormality, it's a medical device that helps people survive certain conditions. Instagrammer Caroline Bramwell noted this, saying that Seven's story — and the resulting hashtag — creates a teachable moment.

"There is so much still to do, to educate and inform people that for some of us having a 'bag for life' is what gave us a life." she said in her caption.

Instagram | @carolinebramwell

"It's no laughing matter - there is a fine line between teasing and bullying... the words and taunts can still hurt." she continued.

Ostomates unite!

Instagram | @bagfordayz

It can't be repeated enough that ostomy bags are common. "I'm proud of all the ostomates around the world showing off their bags," wrote this user. "It's not a life we chose but I'm sure we are all proud of ourselves."

It's a deeply personal story for many.

Instagram | @frodo4life

Any in-depth medical procedure or hospital stay tends not to be easily forgotten. Reading about Seven's story reminded ostomates around the internet what it was like to go through the process of having an ostomy bag.

"Ostomies ARE life savers. Ostomies ARE incredible. Ostomies ARE grueling. Ostomies have a history behind them!" Madeeha wrote.

Instagram | @frodo4life

"What ostomies are not- they ARE NOT just for old people, they ARE NOT gross, and they ARE NOT jokes. Stigma around this ‘BAG’ needs to go."

At the end of the day, it seems one message is clear: colostomy bags save lives.

Instagram | @michaelaahuntley

"It does not change anything about that person," Michaela wrote, "it just gives them the life they deserve to live. I’m sharing mine to help end the stigma and to show everyone going through this that your not alone."

"If you are struggling with an Ostomy or anything else that makes you look “different” hear this, you are beautiful and you are not alone."

Instagram | @daniellemarieboyd

Much like her #bagsoutforseven peers, Danielle sings to the tune of acceptance and kindness — something this world needs more of, and something that has to be instilled in children.

The world could stand to be a nicer place.

Instagram | @robin_browns_beauty_barn

We see all kinds of different people every day. But when society deems someone to be different for whatever reason, it can make their life that much tougher. We can all learn from this.

Rest in peace, Seven.


It's a terribly sad story. Nothing will bring Seven back, and his family won't get to see him grow. But his story has brought something important to light — and hopefully the stigma will soon be lifted.


Once again, if you can spare anything for his family it would be greatly appreciated.


You can find their GoFundMe page here.

To anyone living with a colostomy bag, please know that you are not alone, you are loved, and you are beautiful.