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Mom Speaks Out After A Daycare Asked Her To Breastfeed In A Room 'No Bigger Than A Closet'

Breastfeeding in public is still not accepted by everyone even though the law protects nursing moms.

One mom is now sharing her story of how she was shamed for nursing in public at a place designed for children — a daycare.

Since sharing her story, other moms are saying similar situations have happened to them at daycares, too.

Jennifer Mancuso is a blogger and mom to seven girls.

Yes! Seven!

She is a step-mom to daughters Copeland, Vegah, and Adriana, and also has four daughters named Parker, Piper, Aria, and Asher. She is one tough mama!

Aria and Asher are twins and Jennifer's youngest daughters.

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Since they were born, she's been honestly sharing her life as a mom with her followers on Instagram. Like all moms, Jennifer's life is not picture-perfect and filled with its own challenges.

Jennifer is also very passionate about normalizing breastfeeding.

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She often posts photos of herself nursing in public. These photos have been met with criticism online. She said she's been called "selfish" and "disrespectful" for breastfeeding in public.

However, despite the backlash online, Jennifer continues to post breastfeeding selfies to spread awareness.

This one is from a more positive experience and one that nursing moms can relate to.

When the baby has to eat, it has to eat — even if you're in the middle of a salon appointment.

Even though she's received her share of criticism in the past, Jennifer never thought she would be shamed at her children's daycare.

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As she explained on Instagram, she had nursed her children in their classrooms regularly in the daycare.

Out of the blue, she was asked by the center's director to move to the back room and nurse there from now on.

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Jennifer said the back room designed for the employee's breaks was, "no bigger than a closet".

According to Jennifer, she was asked to move because the center was worried about older children seeing her breastfeed.

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She was also informed that it was the daycare's policy and always had been.

The center was also worried about other parents' reactions.

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The manager also reportedly told Jennifer it was, "... to protect other parents who may find it offensive, because of their religious beliefs."

Jennifer then took to Instagram to share her story.

Jenn's post on Instagram was a mix of disbelief and anger.

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"It finally happened to me in real life. And it happened at one of the places I feel most safe with my children: our daycare," she said.

Since posting about her daycare's policy online, Jennifer's story has been seen by thousands of people.

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Some urged her to find a new daycare center that would allow her nurse her children wherever she felt most comfortable.

Other moms who have also been shamed at their children's daycares shared their stories, too.

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It's hard to believe that daycares would be so unaccommodating for nursing moms.

It just goes to show that we need more moms like Jennifer sharing their stories so that we can normalize breastfeeding once and for all.

A few people had creative suggestions for Jenn.

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Hey, you wouldn't be breaking the law. That would definitely send a message to the daycare and anyone else who had a problem with breastfeeding.

Since sharing her experience, Jenn has posted an update.

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"When I hung up with the director of the twins daycare center after that very tense conversation regarding my breastfeeding in their facility, I felt sick to my stomach," she said.

While Jennifer was sure she was going to have to switch daycares, she was finally got the apology she was expecting.

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Jennifer said she recieved a call from the regional manager who said the center would be changing their policy to allow breastfeeding moms to nurse anywhere.

By speaking out, Jennifer's story became a learning experience for the staff and she helped out future nursing moms.

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"I could have stormed off and immediately ripped my kids out and put them in a different school. But I didn’t. I saw a teaching opportunity, she said.

Way to go, Jennifer! Thank you for normalizing breastfeeding and sharing your story.

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