8+ Wholesome Pics That Show The Good In This World

Nothing gets me in a good mood more than hearing about all the good people in the world. It's a whole lot easier to get going in the morning when you have a reminder that kindness hasn't gone out of fashion yet, isn't it?

And I never get tired of hearing those positive, life-affirming stories! No matter what happens in the world, we all need each other. And, for the most part, strangers will often be there for us when we need them. We just need some pics to remind us of that from time to time.

Good karma came back to this restaurant owner a decade after a kind deed.

Reddit | amazinglymorgan

"Ten years ago I was a dollar short on paying for my meal with some friends when I used to live here," the note reads. "You just let it slide and here is your tip with interest."

"My daughter's teacher is undergoing chemo. This was their first art class this year," wrote Reddit user Karmafacilitator. 

Reddit | Karmafacilitator

"I'm so appreciative of how hard this woman works to teach her students about more than just academics. She is a strong and beautiful person (whose permission I requested before posting)."

Every day, this mother draws her daughter on her lunch bag, with the outfit she's wearing each day, the weather, and showing what's for lunch. 

Twitter | @Lady_RHOalye

"I’m a terrible artist, but I love her so much."

This is just the sweetest dog, bringing a toy to comfort his owner when she's in the shower.

Twitter | @badmoodrude

I mean, how can you not just bawl at the love on display here?

This group of veterans built a new ramp for a WWII vet's 98th birthday.

Reddit | Reddit

As one of the last surviving WWII vets in his area, it must have been an honor to help him get out more.

When some birds decided to set up their nest in a cigarette bin, they unwittingly put themselves in danger.

Reddit | Queen64246

Thankfully, some kind humans put up some notes to make sure nobody stuffed a lit cigarette into their nest.

This bird found another odd place for its nest — on top of a traffic light.

Twitter | @insanligainanc

This is in Turkey, where the temperatures can rise to dangerous levels, so umbrellas were put up to keep the birds safe from the scorching sun.

When the mail carrier, who usually carries treats for the doggies on her route, went on vacation, she left behind a bag of treats to make sure this pooch still got her daily treat.

Reddit | thrashatron

How thoughtful!