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Get Game Day-Ready With These 10+ Super Bowl Party Hacks

The most important part of Super Bowl Sunday is the game, but coming in at a close second is the party.

Even for those who aren’t the biggest football fans, everyone loves a good Super Bowl party with beer and snacks.

With these quick and easy hacks, your Super Bowl party will be a certified touch-down.

Stack your beers.

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If you need extra space to store all those drinks, use a suction cup to help you stack your bottles.

You can never have enough drinks for a Super Bowl party, right?

Toss your wings in a salad spinner.

Little Miss Whisk

A salad spinner will evenly and quickly coat your wings in your favorite sauce, and you won’t have to worry about accidentally spilling on yourself either.

Bring on the wings!

Make a super veggie tray.

Even though Super Bowl parties are all about chicken wings and nachos, you should probably have a few veggies to balance it all out.

Use an oval-shaped bowl with carrots and cherry tomatoes for this fun veggie arrangement.

Don't forget about sweets.

Dip strawberries in chocolate and add a white-chocolate drizzle to make these delicious treats.

I guarantee they’ll taste better than a real football.

A Super Bowl twist on a classic.

Cheese balls are one of the top Super Bowl snacks. Now you can have it match your party’s theme by shaping it just like a football. Clever and tasty.

Popcorn, anyone?

Guests can munch on their own popcorn served up in these awesome paper bags. Best of all, it will literally take you a few minutes with a white paint pen to whip these up.

Make individual seven-layer dip cups.

Seven-layered dip is another Super Bowl staple, but try making individual ones for your guests. Not only are they the perfect snack size, but you won’t have to worry about double-dipping.

Cool down beer with salted ice.


Salted ice will cool down warm beer in minutes if you forgot to put it in the fridge, or didn’t have enough space to chill everything at once.

Invest in an Infladium.

Have you seen these? Snack stadiums are so cool (and tasty) but can be tricky to put together. The Infladium will do all the work for you. Just blow it up and put your snacks in.

Turn your guac into a football field.

Dress up your guac with a little sour cream and olives to turn it into a football field for your party. Now you have a reason to love guacamole even more.

Cook bacon in the oven, too!

Large quantities of bacon can also be cooked in the oven quickly, and honestly, who doesn’t need more bacon at their Super Bowl party?

Chill beer instantly.

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If you forgot to put your beers in the fridge, or need one chilled immediately try this hack.

Wrap a wet paper towel around your beer bottle and place it in the freezer for 15 minutes. It’ll be ice-cold when you take it out.

Cook hard-boiled eggs in the oven.

The Burlap Bag

If you plan on serving deviled eggs, whip up a bunch by cooking them in the oven.

Not only will you make enough for your guests, but you can work on your other apps while they’re cooking!