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15+ Celebs Who Revealed Their Irrational Phobias To The World

Do you have a phobia? And is it weird? Then I have great news for you: you're in great company, because celebrities also have weird phobias. I know! Celebrities, they're just like us. Only richer. And famous.

Whether it's a fear of chewing gum (looking at you, Oprah), toes, dolphins, or holes, these celebs have some wild fears. May you find kinship with one of them and feel represented, friends.

Tyra Banks is not about to swim with dolphins

YouTube | bizcasual

In fact, she's so afraid of dolphins that she dedicated an entire segment of her show to addressing it. It stems from childhood nightmares she had about being cornered by dolphins.

Rita Ora is not fond of toilets

Instagram | @ritaora

I'm not kidding.

"I always feel that when I go to the toilet that something’s going to come out of the bottom. [...] I have this thing where I think this tunnel must start from somewhere and sometimes I think, 'What if something comes out of the toilet?'" She told The Sun.

Eva Mendes fully hates water

Instagram | @evamendes

Not only does Eva Mendes not like the water, she can't swim. In an interview, she said, "It’s ridiculous – I know and I am Cuban, I come from an island and I don’t know how to swim at all. Not even doggy paddle."

Khloé Kardashian is afraid of belly buttons

Instagram | @khloekardashian

Including her own. She hates them so much that she will not let people touch it. "When I'm in the shower, I wear hand mitts and I scream every time I wash my belly button, LOL!" She wrote on her blog.

Um? Khloé? Screaming in the shower...are you okay?

Channing Tatum does not like porcelain dolls

YouTube | TheEllenShow

He made the mistake of admitting that to Ellen. You can guess what happened after that: she brought out porcelain dolls for him to face, and he was not having it at all.

He actually tried to climb away from them. I get it.

Nicole Kidman is terrified of butterflies

Unsplash | Kourosh Qaffari

When Reese Witherspoon participated in a quiz about her Big Little Lies co-star, Nicole Kidman, she wrongly guessed that Kidman wasn't afraid of butterflies.

However, she is—she suffers from lepidopterophobia.

Jake Gyllenhaal and the case of the angry ostriches

While shooting The Prince of Persia, the animal handlers and stunt men scared Jake half to death with these animals. He was told, "They're these massive destructive creatures that can tear your heart out with their claws."

This is a happy story, however: Jake conquered his fear, and guess what? The ostriches were totally cool.

Kyra Sedgwick probably hated "Sausage Party"

Instagram | @kikkosedg

Why? Because she has a big aversion to talking food. Her husband, Kevin Bacon, said that her phobia is so bad that she will leave the room if she sees any kind of talking food on TV.

Liam Payne is afraid of spoons

Instagram | @liampayne

Yup, you read that right. He had to wash them as a punishment at at school, he told Capital FM. “I had to wash all these nasty spoons and then it’s just stuck with me after. I don’t know what people are doing with their spoons, I don’t want to know!”

Taylor Swift probably doesn't like touch tanks at aquariums

YouTube | TheEllenShow

Taylor Swift's weird fear? Sea Urchins. She told Ellen that she won't even get in the water.

When an image of them appeared behind them on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Taylor jumped and immediately freaked out.

Kendall Jenner is scared of holes

Youtube | E! Entertainment

Trypophobia, which is a fear of holes clustered together, is something Kendall Jenner and I have in common (and probably the only thing, lbr).

She wrote on her blog, "It sounds ridiculous but so many people actually have it! I can’t even look at little holes—it gives me the worst anxiety. Who knows what’s in there???"

Adele could not care less about seagulls

Her fear of seagulls stems from an incident in her childhood. "I was walking down the promenade in Tenby, eating a 99, when this huge f---ing seagull came down and swiped it off me. I've still got a scar from its claw on my shoulder." She told Metro.

Um, that's a really good reason to hate seagulls, actually. Ice cream thief.

Scarlett Johansson is really not down with birds

Wiki Commons

Like, any kind of bird. She told Vulture, " Something about wings and beaks and the flapping. I’m terrified of them."

Even the peacocks on the set of We Bought a Zoo upset her, which makes sense. Peacocks are kinda mean. Have you ever met a peacock? You get it, then. You know.

Sarah Michelle Gellar would not like to be 6 feet under

Instagram | @sarahmgellar

While starring in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar burst into tears while shooting in a cemetery. Why? She's terrified of them.

"I have an irrational fear of cemeteries and being buried alive." She said. It's not irrational if it's totally understandable.

Matthew McConaughey is scared of revolving doors...and tunnels

McConaughey is afraid of a few things. He's not fond of revolving doors, and he really doesn't like driving through tunnels.

He said, "I really don't like that blind spot when you're driving and go into a tunnel [...] You can't see what's in front of you or if someone's broken down or something in front of you."

Katy Perry is still afraid of the dark

Instagram | @katyperry

Grown-up Katy Perry has a simple fear: the dark.

"I think a lot of evil things go on in the dark. I still have to cover my toes because I'm like that kid who thinks there's a witch under my bed who's going to eat my tootsies off," she told Radio Times.

Diddy is not down with feet

Instagram | @diddy

Diddy has a really specific phobia: he does not like a really long second toe. A general fear of feet is called, "podophobia," but there doesn't seem to be a name for the fear of one specific toe. Oh well.

Christina Ricci will not be caught owning an indoor plant

Every word of that is true. She's afraid of plants, to the point where she can't even go near a potted plant.

"They are dirty! If I have to touch one, then it freaks me out. Honestly, I can't go near them." She said.

Megan Fox is more of a digital girl


Like Katy Perry, she is still afraid of the dark. Unlike a lot of people, she has a big fear of dry paper.

"I don't like dry paper. Scripts, newspapers or anything that's not laminated, I have to keep licking my fingers. [...] If I'm reading I have a cup of water to dip my fingers in," she told Jimmy Kimmel.

David Beckham cannot abide a mess

According to Beckham, "I have to have everything in a straight line or everything has to be in pairs. I'll put my Pepsi cans in the fridge and if there's one too many then I'll put it in another cupboard somewhere."

Whether it's a phobia or something else is for a professional to decide, but man do I relate to that Pepsi can quandary.

Ellen Page literally cannot handle tennis

Instagram | @ellenpage

She is so afraid of tennis and tennis balls that she can't even watch the sport on television. "I've always had it. Tennis comes on I have to get out of the room." She told Seth Meyers.

Does this mean she's never witnessed the majesty of Serena Williams? That's so sad.

Oprah can't stand gum

Seriously, do not chew gum around Oprah.

"I hate chewing gum. It makes me sick just to think about it. When people chew loudly or smack it and pull it out of their mouth, that's the worst," she told People Magazine.

Cheryl Cole is afraid of cotton wool

Instagram | @cherylofficial

She hates it so much that she can't even handle it in a medical setting: "I went to the dentist the other day and he put it in my mouth and I felt violated for the whole day."

Britney Spears hates reptiles

Hey, remember when Britney danced on stage with a live snake? Turns out she was conquering a phobia then, because she's really, really afraid of reptiles.

We stan a queen of overcoming fears.

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