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20+ Tweets About Netflix's 'Fyre' Documentary That Speak To Our Souls

If you haven't heard about the gigantic failure that was Fyre festival yet, what rock have you been living under?

It was enough of a disaster that Netflix featured a documentary about the sinking ship, and it gave us front row seats to the biggest hot mess of 2017.

Seriously, if you haven't watched the documentary yet, stop what you're doing and go watch it now.

Otherwise, this is a meaningless tweet and you're going to think that I'm not funny or something.

We need to talk about this part right away.

I feel like the pilot's experience was so glossed over, it's not even funny.

The man was shutting down the engine in mid-air for fun.

Anyone attending Fyre fest should have known better.

Nothing against Blink 182, "All The Small Things" is a bop and all, but I gurantee that you can travel less than an hour in any direction from your city and be able to see them live.

And it won't cost you thousands of dollars.

Marie Kondo risssssee.

As horrible as this festival was, I'm someone who needs a dose of drama every few days or I start to get hives. This documentary kept me going for like a week.

The answer was right there the whole time.

It's a shame he got let go from the team, the man knew what he was talking about from day one.

There are a lot of opinions about Ja Rule's take in all of this festival mess.

But really, nobody saw the warning signs? I find it hard to believe, but okay...

If you're promised some boujee food and instead presented with sliced cheese, I'd be mad too.

Those poor, poor rich kids.

Real talk: I eat this sort of meal probably 3 times a week.

More like six days a week back when I was in university.

Honestly, they should have just served up some avocado toast and everyone would have been happy.

Okay, we're going to talk about this moment.

My jaw hit the floor, you guys.

I seriously thought the same thing, like oh wow he's going to have to max out his credit card for wat— oh. Ohhhhh.

As funny as it is, this moment in the documentary was probably the most unsettling.

Any friend who asks you to do something like this and calls it "taking one for the team", is not your friend.

He really thought it would all work out, huh.

And then he just takes off, and nobody knows where he is! What a guy.

I repeat.

What. A. Guy.

Speaking of men who act innocent but are actually a total piece of you-know-what.

Really? This guy spends 20 minutes in unfavorable conditions and freely admits to how quickly he turned Lord of the Flies. Interesting.

This man needs to be celebrated.

He put things in perspective, and almost had me wishing that I could have witnessed the events unfold.


Hulu also has a documentary about the Fyre festival.

But that doesn't mean that I'm not craving a third documentary. I think this is it.

At this point, I know more about Fyre fest than I do about my own family history.

Is it something that I'm deeply proud of?

Yes, actually. It is.

It's amazing how many people showed up to the festival, not knowing that it was a major scam beforehand.

If they started deleting my concerning comments off of Instagram, I'd have all the alarm bells going off.

This looks like more fun, tbh.


Who spends way more money than both you and me?


I had to share this really depressing tweet I came across.

It doesn't have anything to do with the documentary, but can we all make sure that Vanessa dosn't spend another birthday hitting the piñata by herself? Please?

Let's talk about this!

Is it like, M'Lady?


For his sake, I really hope that it's not.

Oh look, answers!

The one and only MDavid Low, a FYRE developer, explained how to pronounce it. I guess most people just call him MD, which is cool.

Guys, Ja Rule was not here for the Netflix and Hulu documentaries.

Like, not even a little bit.

He's innocent! He's not guilty! He's uninvolved! He's unimpeachable!

Shout out to the actual for helping me in my time of synonym struggle.

The whole documentary was definitely entertaining.

But let's not forget that there were many unpaid workers who really got the short end of the stick here, and it's not cool.

Thankfully, there's a GoFundMe that's slowly creeping up to $200,000. Funds are going to Elvis and Maryann Rolle who worked at the Exuma Point Resort.

At the end of the day, the documentary certainly was the hot mess that we were promised.

I loved it. Now let's hope that the millennials are much more aware of a scam before they go spending thousands of money like that.