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This Salon Is Giving Women Free Bikini Waxes, But There's A Catch

It's often been said that there's no such thing as a free lunch. Sure, we can sometimes be enticed by businesses offering us free products or free trials on services, but there's usually some catch that makes the deal far less attractive than it seemed.

However, one British beauty salon offers a more pleasant take on this classic bait-and-switch. In this case, women don't get their free treatments on the conditions that they buy something else.

Instead, it's only on the condition that they do something important for themselves.

In the town of Deal in Kent county, England, the Envy Nails and Beauty Salon is offering an unusual promotion.

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It's possible for women to get a free bikini wax there and what they have to do to get it doesn't even make the salon any money.

That's because clients will only get the free waxing if they show a receipt for a recent cervical smear test.

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According to Kent Live, this promotion comes in the wake of research from the U.K.'s National Health Service, which found that about 30,000 young women in the country have been putting off their appointments.

Although they're considered the best way to stop cervical cancer from gaining a foothold in the body, many women find these smear tests daunting.

Research by a charity called Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust found that 71% percent of women who missed smear test appoint felt scared at the thought of going, while 75% felt vulnerable and 81% felt embarrassed.

Most unfortunately, 67% said that they would not feel in control.

Envy's owner, 27-year-old Emily Flood, is hoping that her promotion will help change this attitude in her area.

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As she told Kent Live, "If you’re brave enough to face me with a spatula, be brave enough to face a nurse with a swab."

Flood said she got the idea from a salon in Scotland running a similar promotion, which is likely The Beauty Room in Aberdeen.

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According to Society, that salon is offering the same treatment for booking a smear test with a similar reminder that those who can face a waxing can also face the procedure.

Flood said that the Scottish salon's owner was more than happy for other salons to spread the word with the same offer, so she decided to try it in Kent.

When Flood announced her offer on Facebook, she referred to the story of reality TV star Jade Goody, who succumbed to cervical cancer in 2009.

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As Flood put it, "10 years ago Jade Goody lost her fight for life against cervical cancer, at 27 years old leaving two young boys and a family that doted on her."

Flood also spoke of her own experiences with the smear test to help reassure her clients.

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As she said, "I have had a smear before and know how scary and daunting it is, I too nearly cancelled my appointment due to being embarrassed and scared to have it done but it really is only a couple of minutes of being uncomfortable that can save your life."

Flood also said that the nurses involved are kind and reassuring, so it's nothing to worry about.

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Dr. Phillippa Kaye, who works with Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, echoed these sentiments, saying, "We’ve seen and heard it all before and want to put your mind at ease if you have questions or concerns. Ask the things you want to know and remember you can say stop any time – it’s your test."

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