Sonic Drive-In

Sonic Raising The Dessert Stakes With Fried Oreos A La Mode

America isn't so much a melting pot as much as it's a buffet. Hear me out here. One of the best ways to get to know a culture is through its food. Italy, France, Spain, Germany, China, Japan, the Caribbean, the list goes on and on. And they're all well represented in America. You can get just about any flavor you're looking for here.

And of course, there are uniquely American foods, too. I won't say that it's always healthy, but Americans do food their own way, and they do it well.

Is there anything more American than pulling up to the drive-thru counter for a quick, personal fuel-up?

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Clever, industrious Americans invented the whole drive-thru concept, and nobody does it better. The debates over who has the best burgers, fries, shakes, and desserts all point to a lively, crowded marketplace where diners are the winners.

But it's ideas like this one that keeps American fast food on top: the deep fried Oreos coming to Sonic.

Sonic Drive-In

This is not a drill, folks. The finest fair food you'd have to lineup on the midway for is coming to Sonic locations starting on January 29. The crispy, melty treats will be served a la mode, with a dollop of Sonic's soft serve on the side to dip or sandwich as you see fit.

It's not Sonic's first partnership with Oreos, and the first was a whopping success.

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Their Double Stuf Oreo waffle cones were a bit hit, and it's easy to see why. You could even get them in grocery stores, not just at Sonic locations.

They're also bringing Cinnabon Cinnasnacks a la mode to their loyal customers.

In an email to WGRZ, a Sonic rep described them as "warm, flakey pastries filled with melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon roll filling served with Sonic's real ice cream."

It hasn't taken long since word got out about the fried Oreos for anticipation to start building up.

I think the good folks staffing America's Sonic locations should expect to be busy filling dessert orders when the fried Oreos are finally available.

It's all part of how Sonic sets itself apart from the rest of the pack on the fast food scene.

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Sure, they have burgers, but instead of fries, they have tots. Their shakes are famous, and obviously their desserts are dreamy. But they take risks to get to that point.

Did anybody try their pickle juice slushes?

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You have to admit, that was a bold move. The reviews were a bit more divided on this one than the Oreo cone, but they were always going to be. Even some pickle lovers confessed that they didn't care for it, but hey, you've got to be willing to try new things, right?

So, January isn't even over and the assault on our New Year resolutions is already well underway.

And, frankly, I think a lot of us are only too happy to set them aside for the tasty treats we have in store for us. You don't win friends with salad, after all.